Papua New Guinea Netball News

Our Netball Uniforms, Accessories and Training Resources

In order to help netballers across the country find the things they need to engage in the sport we have put together a short list of resources that will assist you.  Near the Hoop brings to one site netball resources and accessories across a broad cross section of the game.

1.  Netball Uniforms and Sporting Attire

As agents for Stellar Uniforms in Papua New Guinea we recommend you look at source you attire through Stellar.


Stellar is unlike any other uniform manufacturer in that we do not have an off-the-shelf set of uniforms that you can walk in and purchase.  Instead we try to understand your personality or the character of the team, the expectations of the sponsors and or employers and convert them into a design that will amplify the team’s brand on the court.


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2.  Netball Court and Player Positions on the Court

There's nothing more confusing and difficult than trying to understand a new sport and how it’s played


Knowing how the playing area is set out and where the players start the game and what their respective                                                                          roles are also helps. 


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3.  Training Resources. 

To help you with your own training programs we have compiled a number of training resources that you may wish to incorporate into your training plan.


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4.  Health and Wellbeing

Being healthy is much, much more than just turning up at the gym.  It is about watching what you eat, when and what, the right attitude, and ......