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International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA)

The International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) is the world governing body on the sport and to which all national associations affiliate.  IFNA’s head office is situated in London England.

The current President of IFNA is Jamaican, Molly Rhone.

Netball PNG (The PNG Netball Federation) is affiliated financially to IFNA and is associated with other netball playing countries in the Pacific in what is classified as the Oceania Region.  IFNA's lead agency for the Oceania Region is the Oceania Netball Federation or ONF the head office of which is situated in the Cook islands under the Presidency of Tina Browne (Cook Islands).

As the world body, IFNA sets the standards for all member associations follow.  These include rules regulations, codes of conduct, ranking and membership criteria.  IFNA also provides technical support needed by developing associations through more established associations such as Australia and New Zealand using diplomatic conduits such as AusAID and AID New Zealand to promote skills, administration and participation.

For more Information follow the IFNA link to their official website or the ONF link to IFNA’s Oceania web page.

International Federation of Netball Associations

Oceania Netball Federation

PNG's World Ranking - IFNA