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New Zealand take out 2019 Netball World Cup - Liverpool

Posted by Near the Hoop on July 22, 2019 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (0)

What a story

New Zealand win their first World Cup title since 2003.

In dramatic fashion, as has been many an epic battle at this level, the Silver Ferns held on to stave off a fast finishing Australian side to win the Netball World Cup Final, 52-51, overnight.


The comentators, almost horse from the frantic calls, amplified New Zealands awesome achievement after sixteen years of hammering at the door, to finally hoist the Cup and say "it's ours", was memorable. Marie Folau was outstanding at the net as was the entire NZ contingent. having to psychologically prepare for a final after going down to the Diamonds in the semi's must have been a battle in itself.  But they simply went on with it for the big one, flustering the Aussies at the brekdowns and making sure they had to work for every point is indicative of the close scoreline. 

In what has been billed an absolutely exhilarating and exhausting final even for the spectators, the Diamonds just couldn't close out the Ferns, surrendering the worlds top spot in the sport for the first time in almost two decades.

NZ will finally be etched onto the silverwear before the ladies take it back home to go in the trophy cabinette.

Scenes of utter joy at one end and total dismay at the other as the Silver Ferns, finally put paid to a sixteen year drought and finally get to take home the silverware.

Well done New Zealand Silver Ferns.

Link below is RNZ's video review

Mixed and Mens Netball On the Move

Posted by Near the Hoop on July 22, 2019 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Despite a slow start to yesterday’s MMNA games at the indoor stadium courts, it didn’t take long for the session to heat up. Two forfeits in the early games meant there was an opportunity for a friendly match and what better sides to have that match up than the two leading premier mens teams Veupunama and Kamuna.

As a friendly, caution was cast into the wind and some fast flowing netball was allowed to ensue. End to end stuff, clearance from turnovers and spectacular aerials as the elevative boundaries were tested and some scrambling sideline or baseline recoveries.

With the tone set, the rest of Sundays evening seemed to hum as team after team raised the ante and some decent mixed netball talent pushing limits and enjoyment to the max.

With a split in the two disciplines the ladies have been put to the test across the competition and the gentlemen playing the sport clearly demonstrate a grounding they have in other sports like volleyball and basketball.  Still it is spectacular to watch some of the natural athleticism on the courts, as the tall wood fly.... The blend is interesting to watch as the ladies also grounded in a more relaxed approach to the game are hurried along by the sheer almost impatient pace of their male team mates and the ensuing novelty as the two world collide, is played out on the courts.

For the Mixed game, the benchmark is set by Veupunama and Kamuna in the premier division and when the speed and skillset of many of the Pepe's at this level you can understand why PNG was able to give the Australian Sonics (Reserve) Team a real run for their money in August last year. 

Not surprisingly spectator numbers seem to be growing with each week and a great vibe is definitely there as the comp heads into finals mode. There are other mixed and men’s comps also in play around the country so NTH hopes to be able being some details of that to you soon as well.

The NTH website will be split into three sections shortly to accommodate Mixed and Mens Netball and regional netball news so there is a variety of netball action to offer. You’ll see that happen in he coming weeks. For those wishing to look at the site the address is

Do take the time to have a look through our gallery for images from Sunday 21 July 2019



POMNA Premier Division Results - A Quick Look

Posted by Near the Hoop on July 20, 2019 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (0)

An interesting day for POMNA today with a mixed bag of results.

For the premier division there was some difficult moments as front runners Snax Mermaids struggled with a depleted bench and without key playmakers to keep up with a marauding CC Sparrows team intent on making amends for last weeks upset loss to Aroma Coast. The Maids head coach Richanda Kassman and severl of the Maids lethal attack are still in Apia, Samoa with the Pepe's, but they would have been proud of how well the young guns stood up to the challenge today.  Rayleen Andrew shone near the hoop and working as best she could with her young charges. CC Sparrows eager to make amends for last week made sure their chances heading into the finals was assured on percentage and pressed home their advantage for today.

Aroma Coast seemed certain of a win today leading their game at the main break and at the third turn, but a romping Veupunama put paid to that notion, snatching it at the death from the Aroma Coast ladies by a very slim three goals.

Telstars were in cruise mode as they contested a skeletal Paramana team today. With only seven players starting off the bench, the ladies in black had their work cut out, but to their credit, were able to put up a credible 31 nets against a confident Telstars outfit who matched the Mermaids score against Paramana last weekend.

The quality of netball is fantastic at this level and when on song, it can be a marvel to watch. There are only a handful of games from this round to go before the finals start so if you care to enjoy a decent game of fast, fluid, enduring game of netball why not come and watch the premier division games of the Port Moresby Netball Association at the Rita Flynn Indoor Stadium in Boroko. There are three games every Saturday so for K2 at the gate it's great value.


PNG Nets Bronze in Netball - Pacific Games Samoa

Posted by Near the Hoop on July 19, 2019 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

The Pepe's made an emphatic statement that they were not to be denied a place on the podium as they accounted for a virtual U21 Samoan side representing their nation in the place of their #1 team which as in England contesting he World Cup.

PNG acquited themselves well from all accounts with the lead never being challenged and finishing off 64 - 35 to ensure we at least share in the medal haul the country has managed at these games.

Our ladies never lacked in both skill or stamina but perhaps the ability to finish off and an unofrtunate lapse in accuracy which for the Cook Islands and Tonga mean they were always has an oportunity to capitlise on possesion.  Lose your centre pass and you have to fight for the next two to make up.  It all started to gel in the final game but two games short as the losses to Tonga and the Cookies meant we miss out on challenging for the Gold or Silver.  

They were all wonderful sportspeople and were great ambassadors for our game.

Our Pepe's return home over the weekend.

Well done Pepe's

PNG Plays Off for Bronze at Apia Games.

Posted by Near the Hoop on July 18, 2019 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

PNG plays Host nation Samoa for the bronze medal tomorrow after Tonga beat Samoa 48 - 44 tonight for the right to play the Cook Islands for the Gold Medal. As luck would have it, the Pepe's were denied the chance after the Cook Islanders easily accounted for PNG 58-31 today.

Samoa was always going to struggle in this years competition with their key players committed to the World Cup in Liverpool, England. Fiji forewent this years Pacific Cup to attend the World Cup as well and the absence of both teams meant we should have had a better chance to at least Silver at these games. Tonga accounted for the young Samoan side tonight ensuring they now have a crack at the gold medal tomorrow while PNG has to make sure it at least brings something back for the cabinet.

Tonga also beat PNG making them the most improved of the top four teams at the games making up for their loss to PNG at the last Mini Games.

Netball News from Samoa Games 2019

Posted by Near the Hoop on July 18, 2019 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)
Results from Samoa as netball winds up at the new Mutliplex Sports Stadium in Apia.

From what appeared to be a real possibility to bring home a medal perhaps even the gold, discipated today as the Pepe's faltered against the green machine and the reality that we could actually miss out on a medal becomes evident.

Eight countries compete at this years tournament and the Pepe's were expected to do well.  but even with the absence of Fiji at these games due to their World Cup Commitments, Samoa's second string team faired well against a full strength Cook Islands contingent.  Tonga is the only other counttyr expected to provide any real competition to PNG. 

Our campaign seemed well on track as on day 1 our results against American Samoa where the Pepe's exceeded the tonne beating the Americans 116 to 10 certainly sounded out a warning to the competition what PNG were there to compete.  Tonga however also had their sights on the prize too respondig with an even more impressive 142 points to 11 win against the Americans  in their 2nd outing on Tuesday.

The Cook Islands are now the favourites after beating Samoa by six last night while PNG went down to Tonga loosing 52 - 42 to the ladies in red.  As we post this, Cook Islands lead PNG conffortably at the third quarter 49 - 27 ....  

Results for days 1 - 3 as listed by the Official Pacific Games Score Board and Wikipedia

DAY 1, Game 1 - Pool B

Samoa (95) - Norfolk Island (12)

15/07 13:00

DAY 1, Game 2 - Pool A

Papua New Guinea (116) - American Samoa (10)

15/07 15:30, Game 3 - Pool A

Tonga (94) - Solomon Islands (24)

15/07 18:00

DAY 1, Game 4 - Pool B

Cook Islands (67) - Tokelau (20)

15/07 20:30

DAY 2, Game 5 - Pool A

Tonga (142) - American Samoa (11)

16/07 13:00

DAY 2, Game 6 - Pool B

Cook Islands (91) - Norfolk Island (16)

16/07 15:30

DAY 2, Game 7 - Pool B

Samoa (82) - Tokelau (26)

16/07 18:00

DAY 2, Game 8 - Pool A

Papua New Guinea (75) - Solomon Islands (11)

16/07 20:30

DAY 3 Game 9 Pool B

Cook Islands (59) - Samoa (53)


DAY 3 Game 10 Pool B

Tokelau (64) - Norfolk Islands (17)


DAY3 Game 11 Pool A

Tonga (52) - Papua New Guinea (42)


DAY3 Game 12 Pool A

Solomon Islands (74) - American Samoa (27)


DAY 4, Game 13 - SEMI FINALS

Solomon Islands (42) - Norfolk Island (36)

18/07 13:00

Cook Islands (58 Papua New Guinea (31)

Medal Play offs will be held on Friday 19th July  PNG will play for Bronze.

PCNC Resumes Competition after Christmas Break

Posted by Near the Hoop on January 12, 2017 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

So the PCNC resumes this weekend with game three of round two kicking off proceedings after almost a month long furlough for the festive season.

The good living will have had its toll and no doubt some fairly podgy players will return to the Rita Flynn Courts to try to pick up where they left off in December. It will be an interesting to see how well they fare as the Christmas spirit will more than likely be sticking noticeably to the obvious places.

Seventy Nine teams isn’t a bad effort. In fact all things considered, the PCNC still is the biggest single sporting competition in the country so a fair amount of effort does go into getting such a massive comp moving every Sunday for about thirteen to fifteen weeks each year over about five months.

The last games played in December had some interesting outcomes as well as some real surprises and with only three more games competition games to be played before the finals series commence the ladies will have to turn up to play if they intend to be in running for the finals. Each of the fourteen divisions have been quite evenly contested this season and so it is only in a handful of divisions that the finalists can clearly be defined.

The Premier division for one will be hotly contested with perhaps Datec the only surprise straggler after failing to defend the premiership last season. Margaret Embahe’s charges have had a hard time this season with staff movements in and out of the Datec business resulting in an attrition of core talent from the team and player combinations. This reinvention of themselves hasn’t really endeared itself on the teams and there has been some indicative absences and forfeits. Datec still remains a force to be reckoned with on paper and will need perhaps a solid season next year to return to the superstar circle again. There are three bank teams in the top flight, Westpac on their return to the big league, BSP last season’s champions and Kina Bank after a short sebatical in division 1 find themselves marked as real contenders for the big one.


They have been both unlucky and fortunate with their travel this season and were good enough to hold BSP out in their last encounter before the season broke for Christmas. As a result they are looking quite good while BSP is a little perplexed with what could be interpreted as some tough umpiring during that game. The attached images are just some images from that last game in 2016. Westpac in a decent close for 2016 dispensed with Fairdeal Liquors who were up until that game the giant killers of the comp and running fairly close to the ceiling in the division. 

The next three games are critical to all of the comp and we are looking forward to some excellent netball again. Let’s hope the ladies have been training and not too much of the festive spirit is still in the digestive system.




PCNC Biggest Formal Competition in Country

Posted by Near the Hoop on November 27, 2016 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

With ninety one teams actively participating week in week out in the Private Companies Netball Competition, the PCNC easily takes on the title of the diggest formal competition of any sport in the country.

Played each Sunday at the the Rita Flynn Indoor Netball Stadium, the PCNC starts off as early as 9:00am and ends at approximately 5:00pm in the evening.  154 Divisions with 6 teams each means there is not much time for muching about at teh interchange or at fulltime to ensure all teams have a decent run.

Amazingly this season has started of with a real zest and the future looks good as both admin, management and umpire farternities work in tandum to make the whole thing work.

A new exective headed bu by Kori Toua from Hanuabada has looked to instill some transparency dicipline to the competitions operations which has been welcomed by the rank and file and still more want to join.  

There ar limitations to how much can be done with only the indoor facilities but that is still being decided on but for now it manages with 14 divisions and six teams to a division.

Datec Look to Rebuild

Posted by Near the Hoop on November 27, 2016 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (1)

If there was a team that you could say was struggling this season, you wouldn't have to look much further than the premier division and the great competitors Datec Limited.

After defending and loosing the premier grand final to BSP in March this year, Datec has been ravaged with staff movements that has changed the whole prospects and profile of the team.  Something which stalwart player/coachMargaret Embahe clearly is attempting to reinvent to keep in touch with teams in the PCNC's senior most level of competition.

Margaret still has a decent roster of competent players, it is just the combination of these that need to be tweeked to again make the bluejays a force to reckon with, but in the meantime, inspiring the team to even turn up on a Sunday is a challenge for some of the young players and for the last several weeks Margaret has been called on to (reluctantly) play to make up the numbers.  It hasn't been an outright disaster as the these ladies can play netball alright, it is just that they are mostly playing out of positions they are comfortable with this season and so the rebuilding process proceeeds.

The loss of Rachel Kapi especially with her poise near the hoop is the first notable absention in the blues team and a litany of mid court players no longer participating has Datec in a purple patch at the moment while Margaret Embahe works out combinations that will revitalise the Bluejays.  Nancy Kapi, normally a defender, has been pushed to the front and is holding her own in PCNC.  If anyone can do it, it is Margaret so all eyes are on her for the time being.  

Just One of Those Days for BSP

Posted by Near the Hoop on November 27, 2016 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (1)

It was just one of those days when you know its going to be a hard day at the office but after what happened the week before when a mix up meant BSP's Premier Division team would have to take the court without uniforms for the first half of a pretty herendous game against a fired up Fairdeal Liquors, you would have thought things may change for the reigning premiers as they focused on taking on former premier division contemporaries, Kina Bank.

This week BSP were expected to pull back the covers and let loose to get back in the groove.  Their oponents, Kina Bank, who are also working out attack combinations after some key staff movements this year, needed to also bring home a decent scalp to keep their aspirations at the Premier level alive.  Fairdeal Liquors have been the quiet achievers for the senior most division as to date they have knocked over most if not all of their major opponents and as a result, they are sitting fairly highly in this seasons early rankings. 

Kina, and now BSP need to pull themselves together and start impresing with wins but as you would have it, it suddenly becomes a tall ask when nothing you do works out.  For BSP, this situation must be starting to be a concern as three teams are now packed close together on the leader board and it may be a struggle in round 2 to haul the the others in without stressing. 

Last week it was the uniforms and a loss to boost as Fairdeal dispenses with the green machine without too muchof a fight.  This week the doldrums continued for the green machine as Kina stood their patch and played some excellent netball.  Rata Raula was better settled into the primary shooters role for this game and her accuracy and combinations out front with veteran attack Kula Iamo kept the score ticking over a lot more fluently.

BSP had the game in their sights even in the dying seconds as Jaqueline Hape scrounged for a better position to shoot in the key, but as you would have it,  time was called at the most inappropriate time and the befuddled BSP shooter was left starring at Vele Iamo and Renagi Mulina for assurance that all was not lost.

As it turns out BSP and Kina had to share points for a draw that could easily have been a win for the green machine.  Kina on their part had a great game but will need to sort out their midcourt passing delivery to their attacking pair and rework combinations that Angela and Kula had crafted into a science up front.