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Alotau to host 2015 National Champioships

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Netball PNG has confirmed that Alotau will host the 2015 National Championships. The eastern most tip of the southern conference of netball in PNG is expecting an influx of the netball fraternity to converge on the picturesque township during September this year and is preparing itself and its facilities for the fanfare.


Alotau has hosted fairly successful national tournaments in the past but this year will be a lot more technical with the quality of the game having had a real jolt and the demands of international competition the likes of the Pacific Games and so on, having direcly an impact on how the game is now played.


The Pacific Games itself has been a real distraction to the organisation and build up for Championship tournament and dates have still not been set just two months out from the event.  Organisers when contacted were upbeat about the whole thing commenting that the ANA woudl be ready for the event.  Typically Papua New Guinean about it all numbers and attendees still have not been confirmed even now.

Alotau have faily lucky at selections as well with the two selected from the Championships in Madang in 2012 going on to acutally represent PNG with the Pepe's in the PNS and other tournaments.  It is a reflection of how the Association has been run in Milne Bay and the talent pool that despite it being one of the lesser considered Associations in the country.  Netball is clearly the most played female sport in that province even ahead of soccer.


An annoucnement is expected soo from Netball PNG soon with repect to details of this years Championships.

Digicel will again most likely be the main sponsor for 2015.


Samoa Bag Bronze in Tight Game

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Samoa held on against the tenatious Cook Islands Black Pearls to claim Bronze at the Power Dome on Saturday morning. The Samoans managing a modest 54 - 49 scoreline which reflects better than how they really faired as the Cook Islanders took every ounce of sweat from their Polynesian cousins, relenqishing the win only in the last two minutes or so of the game.

The lead changed hands several times as the two maintained a neck to neck game all the way to the finish.  At one stage it seemed the Cook Islands had found the Samoans measure and would wear them down but the ladies in Blue dug deep to keep composed, slowing the game at critical junctures and returning to the basics that resulted in points.  It was only just before full timet that they powering home. .

The Samoans held onto a very slim lead in both the first quarter and half time but went into the final down on points and looking at a very pumped up Cook Island side intent on upseting the apple cart.

They managed to take the lead back after a turnover early in the final stanza and had the presence of mind to keep the Cook Islanders at bay, holding on to that lead despite the frantic efforts of the Green machine to overrun them.  A turn over in the last minute of the game allowed Samoa ad safety net and the smallest of marjins and victory.  An entertaining game to the finish.

Gold Eludes Grasp of the Pepes

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The Pepes missed out on taking home Gold on Saturday afternoon as Fiji turned in their A game in the medal final to blast away our Pepe's showing exactly why they are ranked 7th in the world.   In front of a perochial PNG home crowd, they imposed their will on an awestruck Pepe's outfit never really moving out of third gear and using all their avaialble players to upset PNG in their quest for Gold at these games.

The Pepe's opened the game very much abreast of their arch rivals and even traded nets in the early part of the game. They only trailed the Pearls by a few nets at the first exchange much to the delight of the home crowd and the anticipation then was that it could be a tight finish but then the Fijians decided in the second and third quarters to drive home a message and for a short stint of perhaps 10 minutes the Fijians just went to town opening up a 10, then 15 and for a short while an 18 net advantage over PNG and from then on it was never likely for teh Pepe's to claw back the deficit.

PNG definitely had the goods and lets not take anything away from the Pepe's effort, they put everything into the game especially the two defenders near the hoop. They played their hearts out however the Pearls just used their height, reach and endurance advantage and when they weaved a bit of the Bula magic into the mix it wasn't long before shazam,  the game was over red rover.........

PNG's percentage was high given the amount of ball and pressure Tiata Baldwin and captain Lua Rikis were under, and when they had the ball they were doing things, but the agility and continued high gear the Fijians played at simply overwhelmed the Pepe's today.

Final score PNG 51 Fiji 68

Fiji were deserved winners of the gold as PNG had to settle for Silver.

CPNA Junior's Tournament Results

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Results for the Central Province Netball Association Tournament Junior Division finals held on Tuesday.


Domara 12 defeated Wanigela 6


Kamali 16 defeated Paramana #2 12


Kamali 18 defeated Maopa #1 Blue 11


Pelagai 20 defeated Ganimarupu 11


Keapara 23 defeated Gaivakala 15




Congratulations to all the champion villages and teams and to all who received prizes at the presentation.

At the final tally 96 teams registered to play in the junior divisions, an amazing show of interest in the sport and support.



Lae Hold Successful Walkathon

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Part of the effort to keep any organization running and to fund special projects is ensuring members participate.  This can happen in many different ways and one is to fundraise.


A total of 8 clubs make up the Lae Netball Association at present and each were asked to participate in a fundraising walk-a-thon last weekend.   This is one of many fundraisers the Lae Netball Association are doing to make sure they are able to send a strong contingent to the National championships in October.


All the clubs joined in enthusiastically for the walk, even the junior players and ended with a wonderful get together at the courts. 

 Lae Netballers after the walk-a-thon on Saturday 16th of July.


Story by Lawrence Lahari - LNA


Awesome Start for Central Province Netball Association Tournament

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Central Province Netball Association started off their annual torunament in absolutley awesome proportions yesterday at Port Moresby's Rita Flynn Courts.

The venue was awash with about 3,000 rural netballers eager to get on with it as early as 7:00 in the morning.

With over 110 junior teams registered for this years event, the going was going to be a massive logistical and organisational assignement but these tournaments have been this way every year.  This year has been particularly interesting as the National Championships returns to Port Moresby meaning a few more teams can be entered into the event than when the Championships are held in other centres.

The Juniors will contest for thier rural crown in each of the requisite age groups U13's to U21, but this year the CNA has introduced a U10 and guess what, their all lining up to be counted.  Their competjtion will continue until Wednesday when their finals are expected to be held and then the seniors convene for a showdown.



Central have always been conpetitive at the National Championships and dominated all but two of the groupings at the event in Madang last year.

From the looks of things, they intend to hold onto their pennants.

We will cover the event and bring you details as they emerge.

Lagatoi Complete Sucessful Tourney

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Lagatoi (Hiri East) Netball Association held their competition tournament last week as part of their selection process for the National Championships, ending the tournament successfully with a full round of games and finals for the senior and masters divisions on Friday afternoon.


Six groups were represented at the tournament, Korobosea, Kauka, Ladeara, Ragunas, Gereka and Absco.




Played at the main field at Sabama LNA were forced to mark out two courts at the far end of the clearing. The Juniors played out their tournament Monday to Wednesday and the Seniors, Thursday and Friday.  It never dampened the desire of participants who under trying conditions played some decent netball. From all indications some real prospects will make their mark at the championships in the Junior divisions for Lagatoi.


According to officials, Lagatoi will field a sizable contingent for the championships.  Two teams per junior age division and two for each senior division is expected to be named for the October event.


Curious enough the Lagatoi representative on the National Federation was never present at all during tournament.

Lae Netball Newsletters Available

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Lae Netball have produced weekly newsletters for their competition which are available on Near the Hoop.


If interested go to our downloadable documents page and download the files for some excellent reading.



The Downloadable Documents (PDF's) page can be found on our Navigation Bar in black text on the left hand side of the site immediately under the page ID and image, or, simply click on the above image which is linked to the appropriate page


 Dowloadable PDF's



East New Britain Looks at Netball Prospects

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From way out at left field comes a story some in the netball circles would have thought unlikely but the old cliche, "down but not out" immediately sprtngs to mind as netters in Rabaul made contact with Netball PNG, via Near the Hoop, to enquire after support and membership to the Federation.

By a stroke of sheer good luck, AusAID volunteer consultant to the ENb Tourism Authority, Elizabeth Brennan happens to be quite an avid netballer and in the short time since her posting to Kokopo, she has been able to generate considerable interest in Kokopo and Rabaul and with the assistance of fellow Australian volunteer Alice Keeling, they have held several very succesful day long events playing and sharing netball.

The University of Vudal grass forecourts have for the recent weeks been the venue for a growing number of teams eager to participate in their small 10 week competition and from all accounts the interest is growing with impressive gaines from week to week.

There is a Papuan community in East New Britain which form the core of the compeition, providing not only an example of how the game should be played but also in building coaching and umpiring support to Elizabeth and Alice.  Jane Ravusiro who is situated at the foot of the Bainings with husband Phillip make the journey every Satuday morning just to play.  "The last time I played netball must have been 10 years ago" laughs an exasperated Mrs Ravusiro, "But I just love the game", and that  seems to be the same experience for many.  The wonderful thing is that the local women are now getting involved and enthused with the game.

The NGI have produced some excellent athletes and there is nothing stopping them from excelling in netball, in fact the correspondence Near the Hoop has sighted oozes with potential.  The regioin has had a number of internationals representing PNG in netball but the one that first comes to mind is Kilala Owens, who represented the country in 30 games and was quite a shining star for the region.

Kilala Owen played 30 internatinals for PNG

The competition had its third week of games this weekend past we wish them well going forward from here.  There is a growing contingent of local women interested in playing the sport aside from the Papuans that make up the teams and Ms Brennan has adopted a innovative method of correcting and explaining the finer aspects of the game on the run, encouraging more women to play the game and promoting  the involvement of families in the sport.

Her enthusiasm has gotten the attention of the Governor, Leo Dion, who has offered his support to the competition and the incorporation of an association for the province.  It has also caught the attention of the media which has allowed the competition to feature prominently in the Post Courier's sporting roundup from the region for several weeks now.



(above series) Forecourt of the Univeristy of Vudal is home to the netball in the province.

Certainly looks like they've got themselves organised.

Ms Brennan has already commenced dialogue with Netball PNG (PNG Netball Federation) on the possibility of establishing a small but rubust association for East New Britain and given that netball will be one of the sports contested at the next PNG Games, which Rabaul will host in 2012, right now seems as  good a time as any to get started. 

From what Netball PNG has said, it appears Kavieng which only has an associate membership with the Federation and Lihir have indicated their intention to become full financial members of Netball PNG (PNG Netball Federation).  If Rabaul also joins the fold it will be the first time in a long while that Kimbe, Manus, New Ireland and Rabaul will represent the region.  Only the Autonomous Region of Bougainville will be missing from the region, an ecellent turn out for anyones money.

We are sure the country's netball community wish netters in East New Britain well and encourage them to continue to develop and strengthen the sport in the region and it would be good to see them at the national trials.

Lae to Commence Pre-Season This Week

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In news from the Morobe Province, invitations to netballers has been circulated to commence their pre-seaon this week.

Whether or not the LNA have completely gotten their house in order still has to be seen, but something is better than nothing and it is hoped the enthusiasm shown by enthusiasts will bring the powers tnat be out of the woodwork for the sake off netball in the Province.

Saturday, March 12 is the date set for the first tip off,  by organisers which this year includes the Lahari's, Lawrence and Dianne, .  The stadium will be the normal venue and clubs are asked to organise themselves so a proper competition can be built up this year.

This will be the first time in almost three years that the Lae Netball Association will have staged a competition proper and all the support possible should be offered to the LNA in their efforts to resurrect the sport.  Lae had been perhaps the strongest rival to Port Moresby and Central and until recently were the most potent of contestants at the National Championships each year.  This had waned since the Championships were held in Lae in 2007, so badly so that they almost missed out on attending the Madang event last year.

It will be good for netball to get Lae back in the spotlight again and Near the Hoop will certainly bring you their competition on these pages.

(above) Lae and Central battle it out at the '07 Championships