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PSNA Ready for Grand Finals

Posted by Near the Hoop on January 26, 2014 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (1)

The PSNA held their major semi finals on Saturday paving the way for an excellent contest next Saturday at the Rita Flynn Courts.

It was a low key affair without much fanfare but once started, there was some wonderful netball skills on display as the cometitions final two last hopefuls for each division battled for a place at the table at next week's Grand Finals.  Division 5 through to the Premier Division played out their respective matches without a hitch.  The build up to next week has already started  and is now poised to be quite an event.  Deputy Secretary for Works, John Ame was on hand to encourage his girls who overcame a stressful last few minutes to hold off a fast finishing National Fisheries Authority, booking a Premier Division berth at next weeks big game.   The saying "it ain't over till the fat lady sings" was appropriate for the senior most Division as NFA made their move late in the second half to bridge a 6 net  half time deficit when they trailed 16 - 10, and at one stage, just two minutes out from full time, the scores were evenly posied at 20-19 in favour of the honey bees.....

Two turnovers and a poor shot for goal by Gillian Ole in the dying minutes was all that Works needed to capture a 2 net advantage and the right to meet MedCom (formerly NBC) in next weeks Premier Division Grand Final.


Both teams put everything into this one with Works' mother and daughter combination of Ati and Kimberly Rawali in attack working magic for them. Lama Lua playing a shooting role was effective near the hoop as well.

NFA's young mid court proved excellent in driving their attack and though they lacked a bit of punch in the first half, they certainly made up for it in the 2nd half, running their older opponents off their feet but as always the experience of the honey bees shone through. The final score a very complimentary 27 - 25.

in other divisions, PNG Olympic Committee expressed their bid for the 2014 Division 1 premiership, beating a strong Trade Commerce and industry team on court 3 and will take on sister organisation PNG Sports Foundation in the big game next week. Again it was the exuberance of the TCI's young attack that questioned the Olympic Committees resolve, but the Olympic Committee's ability to slow the pace of the game to their liking proved tactful, never releasing their hold on the lead until full time. The final score 22 - 15.



The Bank of Papua New Guinea impressed this year by walking through both their teams to their respective grand finals. Both have already qualified in Divisions 2 and 5 and now wait on Department of Lands in Division 3 and Department of Transport in Division 5.  Lands tussled with the Auditor Generals Office (25 - 19) in an entertaining game, much closer than the score suggests and Transport put paid to a very enthusiastic Department of Justice in a very close game (12 - 10) to advance to the Grand Finals next week.

In Division 3, the Department of Lands managed to edge out a strong DJAG outfit 25 -19 in an entertaining display of netball while the ladies at PNG Ports just didn't seem to be quite there for the Division 4 game on court 2, throwing their game away to a very clinical NJSS side who admittedly had some big netball names in the side and managing only 1 net for the entire game. Their opponents NJSS piled on 38 unanswered nets to run away 39 - 1 and certainly have thrown out a challenge to incumbants, NFA that next weeks game is not going to be a walk in the park.

The PSNA grand finals next weekend promise to be an excellent outing for the family and indeed all netball enthusiasts. There is likely to be some real razzle dazzle and the hype has already started for the Premier Division.

So now the real question that is on everyones lips.  Who is going to be the 2014 PSNA divisions champions..... The only way to know is to be there mid morning next Saturday. The tents will be there, the snacks and barbeques will be there and indeed the atmosphere will be there as twelve teams battle to take home this years pennants.

Finance a NO SHOW

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After an excellent push for the finals in March this year you would have thought that Department of Finance, probably the most established of departmental teams would have been the first ones to bounce onto the courts on Saturday, but alas, it was the total opposite as the glances turned to frowns and a shake of the head as the ladies from Vulupindi Haus were just not around.

Dept of Finance (green) playing Telikom (blue) last season

Could they still have been at the Eatery at Vision City, or enjoyoing a long weekend siesta.  Well wherever they were, it was a NO SHOW for the flashy ladies in green and an easy advance for the Eagles. 

For their part the 2011 Champions seemed to be taking the whole thing in their stride and despite holding the mantle as PSNA champions in the season just gone, there was no gloating or showboating and once the forfeits were declared, went through the motions of netting a shot for the record books.

Fisheries have been given a boost this year with a fresh set of uniforms for the two divisions they have teams in and certainly provided a fresh look in their two tone blue tunics.


Telikom and NFA (left) in their colors and Department of Commerce (right)

Department of Commerce and Industry also fooled us in their deep red floral skirts but looked keen to get on with things in 2012 as did a number of other departments on Saturday.  There is the makings of a decent season this year and certainly the enthusiasm appears to be there, until someone finds something to complain about.  It would be nice for a decent roll out and execution of this season without incident.  But then that's only hanging onto fantasy isn't it.

No doubt the serious PSNA netball is about to start so see you all on Saturday, in uniform, sunscreen and a hat.  If your looking for me, I'll be somewhere "near the hoop"

PSNA Kicks Off 2012 Season

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The Public Servants Netballl Associaton quickly got off the mark this season not bothering to muck around with a lengthy trials period and instead held the first games for season 2012 on Saturday morning.

As expected the long rest from April this year ensured some cushioning would have accumulated in all the wrong places and the going was tough for some.  The mid morning scorching provided by clear skies over the courts only added to the challenge.  Expected was also the forfeits that plagues the beginning of every PSNA season.

Last year's semi finalist Dept of Finance were the clear absenters in the premier division leaving the Ombudsman Commission Eagles, the 2011 champions pumped and ready to play but with no opposition. The story was repeated throughout the round but then again this was tjust he first game of the season.


The National Fisheries Authority have been busy in the furlough and brought out a new set of tunics, making them stand out against themainly floral skirt arrangments of the other teams. 

For those games that were played, the action was quality netball, given the long layover and a very short trials period (one game only).  Telikom and Fisheries in Division 3 and PNG Power and Department of Works in the premier division were very competitive as were the Division 4 games with the Department of Commerce.  The Department of Lands in the lower division played for a good win and the NCDC and POM General Hospital matched up well in their encoutner later in the day.

NTH will post the scores in the next few days.  Next weeks Draws will be posted on Wednesday.

A good day in all and for those simply addicted to the game, it was a relief to get th first one out of the way.


The best thing about netball is that the fun had both on and off the court.......


Photo's have already been posted both on our facebook group page and on this site so please browse through and as usual, your comments are always appreciated.

As always the only place you'll find any quanity netball news is when you look "near the hoop"

PSNA Recess Till January 8th

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Port Moresby's Public Servants have been in the Christmas mode for sometime it seems as a very poor attendance at last Saturdays game 2 matches saw yet another lot of double forfeits and forfeits wins recorded before the PSNA suspends its competition for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Officials, disappointed at the turnout could only look to a better start to the season in 2011. "It can't get any worse can it, so let's just look forward to a better turnout in January".

The PSNA resumes it's competition with game 3 of round 1 on Saturday 8th january 2011.

Rain Forces Abandonment of PSNA Games

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A torrential downpour in Boroko on Saturday morrning put a dampener to what was already a grim looking day for the Public Servants Netball Association season starter.

Only nine games were able to be played but as you would expect of those games, one of the teams didn't show.  Nine games in all were forfeit wins and the rest (twelve in all) were considered double forfeits as the rain kept players and enthusiasts away from the courts.

The rain was not all that bad as the puddles created in the divets became wonderful wading pools for the local kids who were quick to seize the opurtunity to play in the rain.


(above left)  puddles on court 1 become wading pools for the local kids  while (above right) PSNA officials and dieshard's shelter from the rain.

There was some confusion among players who assumed that Saturday was still a trial round.  Saturday was in fact game 1 of round 1.  A reminder therefore to all PSNA members that this week is game 2 of round 1 and the last for 2010 as the season breaks for Christamas and New Year, resuming on Saturday, Jan 8th 2011.

Draws will be posted on this site as soon as they are received by Near the Hoop

Public Servants play first game of their competition.

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The PSNA confirmed today that they will be playing their first game of round 1 this Saturday morning at the Bisini courts.  Officials confirmed by telephone that the competition had staged three weeks of trial games and will commence their competition games this weekend.


In better news, an extra division of six new teams have registered making the PSNA competition six divisions with six teams in each as they did last seasno and one premier division.


Many of the PSNA team members recently returned from Brisbane where they competed at the Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast.



2010 Pan Pacific Masters Games - Gold Coast, Results and Pics.

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Results and pics from the Gold Coast games are available for those that want to know or want to see their own images.  Unfortunately they are only available on the PPMG website.  Brian Bells team features on page 1 of the images and the other images are scattered throughout the various albums.

Click on the link to the Pan Pacific Games Netball Images link to take you there.

For results simply click on the Pan Pacific Games Netball Results link to take you there.

Congratulations to the "PNG Finance Public Servants" team who won Bronze in their division.


PSNA Masters Netball Team Preparations in Top Gear

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"It's only 8 weeks away" Lynna Koneubau, President of the Public Servants Netball Association explains as the ladies go through quite a vigoraous training session lasting some three hours on Saturday morning.  The teams are being fine tuned as members that can't make the financial committments start to drop off and teams start to condense into what will be the final teams to the Pan Pacific Masters Games this November in Australia. 

The Games will be held on the Gold Coast and PNG teams have had quite considerable success at previous outings, making this the event to participate in, if your an "oldie" in any field and track event or team sport.


Currently the PSNA will participate in the 30+, 35+ and 45+ age brackets, but the way the ladies were movving on Saturday you would think they are playing for a place in the Pepe's squad for the Delhi Games.


"It's quite serious stuff" organisers remind Near the Hoop and from the looks of things the PSNA is taking the whole thing seriously too.  Team managers, coaches and committees for each of the teams have been appointed and the focus is now on ball skills and fitness.


Organisers of the Pan Pacific Masters Games require final team details, travel and accomodation requirements and a final listing of names very soon.