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PCNC Kicks Off Round 1 Sunday 27th October 2019

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So, finally after three weeks of trials the PCNC gets underway Sunday 27th October 2019, bright and early.


While many may still be nursing the remnants of a heavy Saturday night get together, the PCNC ladies of divisions 16 to 13 will be parked and ready at 8:00 am at the Bisini netball courts, ready to rock and roll…..


It’s the first game of the season and after three weeks of getting the cobwebs out, Port Moresby’s biggest sporting competition, involving some 90 odd business houses and 103 teams, yes I did say one hundred and three netball teams, competing at this year’s Private Companies Netball Competition, (the PCNC).


Spanning virtually six months the competition of seventeen divisions is played every Sunday until about March next year when the grand finals are held for each division.


This year there are seventeen (17) divisions of six teams each and an elite or Premier Division which this year is comprised of seven teams.


Tomorrow is day one of the completion proper and with as much aplomb as you can expect, the games will start on time and during the course of the day teams of the various divisions will come and go but the PCNC has always been a full day event for the ladies as they mingle and enjoy each others company throughout the day.


It is a family oriented event and husbands and boyfriends are encouraged to attend with the family to watch mum or the significant other play and to allow the families mingle and interact outside the office environment. It is often here that great friendships are built, great rivalries are created, networking and relationships promoted and a healthy lifestyle encouraged among the working women of Port Moresby and the greater NCD.


For many of the new or newer teams, this will be one of the most important weekly appointments you have as you and your team mates play on behalf of you and your company for that little bit of swagger and friendly competition among you and your contemporaries to be the best in your division for 2019/2020……


Over the last three weeks, Near the Hoop has been taking images and putting together a dossier of stories which will be articulated across several mediums, but for the convenience of you all, it will be a digital and print media support for the PCNC. Because images are difficult to manage on print media, they will be stored on the NTH Website and on the NTH Facebook group and page with links to the existing PCNC page.


All you need to do is be a member of the "Near the Hoop" website and you have access to all the facilities on the site including our gallery of images.


A Newsletter called “The PCNC” will commence publication very soon which will telegraph the stories and some of the images. Every time there is an opportunity we will be inviting the other media platforms to also join the competition for an update. This is how we hope to take the profile of the country’s biggest sporting competition to the next level.

PCNC Resumes Competition after Christmas Break

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So the PCNC resumes this weekend with game three of round two kicking off proceedings after almost a month long furlough for the festive season.

The good living will have had its toll and no doubt some fairly podgy players will return to the Rita Flynn Courts to try to pick up where they left off in December. It will be an interesting to see how well they fare as the Christmas spirit will more than likely be sticking noticeably to the obvious places.

Seventy Nine teams isn’t a bad effort. In fact all things considered, the PCNC still is the biggest single sporting competition in the country so a fair amount of effort does go into getting such a massive comp moving every Sunday for about thirteen to fifteen weeks each year over about five months.

The last games played in December had some interesting outcomes as well as some real surprises and with only three more games competition games to be played before the finals series commence the ladies will have to turn up to play if they intend to be in running for the finals. Each of the fourteen divisions have been quite evenly contested this season and so it is only in a handful of divisions that the finalists can clearly be defined.

The Premier division for one will be hotly contested with perhaps Datec the only surprise straggler after failing to defend the premiership last season. Margaret Embahe’s charges have had a hard time this season with staff movements in and out of the Datec business resulting in an attrition of core talent from the team and player combinations. This reinvention of themselves hasn’t really endeared itself on the teams and there has been some indicative absences and forfeits. Datec still remains a force to be reckoned with on paper and will need perhaps a solid season next year to return to the superstar circle again. There are three bank teams in the top flight, Westpac on their return to the big league, BSP last season’s champions and Kina Bank after a short sebatical in division 1 find themselves marked as real contenders for the big one.


They have been both unlucky and fortunate with their travel this season and were good enough to hold BSP out in their last encounter before the season broke for Christmas. As a result they are looking quite good while BSP is a little perplexed with what could be interpreted as some tough umpiring during that game. The attached images are just some images from that last game in 2016. Westpac in a decent close for 2016 dispensed with Fairdeal Liquors who were up until that game the giant killers of the comp and running fairly close to the ceiling in the division. 

The next three games are critical to all of the comp and we are looking forward to some excellent netball again. Let’s hope the ladies have been training and not too much of the festive spirit is still in the digestive system.




PCNC Biggest Formal Competition in Country

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With ninety one teams actively participating week in week out in the Private Companies Netball Competition, the PCNC easily takes on the title of the diggest formal competition of any sport in the country.

Played each Sunday at the the Rita Flynn Indoor Netball Stadium, the PCNC starts off as early as 9:00am and ends at approximately 5:00pm in the evening.  154 Divisions with 6 teams each means there is not much time for muching about at teh interchange or at fulltime to ensure all teams have a decent run.

Amazingly this season has started of with a real zest and the future looks good as both admin, management and umpire farternities work in tandum to make the whole thing work.

A new exective headed bu by Kori Toua from Hanuabada has looked to instill some transparency dicipline to the competitions operations which has been welcomed by the rank and file and still more want to join.  

There ar limitations to how much can be done with only the indoor facilities but that is still being decided on but for now it manages with 14 divisions and six teams to a division.

Datec Look to Rebuild

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If there was a team that you could say was struggling this season, you wouldn't have to look much further than the premier division and the great competitors Datec Limited.

After defending and loosing the premier grand final to BSP in March this year, Datec has been ravaged with staff movements that has changed the whole prospects and profile of the team.  Something which stalwart player/coachMargaret Embahe clearly is attempting to reinvent to keep in touch with teams in the PCNC's senior most level of competition.

Margaret still has a decent roster of competent players, it is just the combination of these that need to be tweeked to again make the bluejays a force to reckon with, but in the meantime, inspiring the team to even turn up on a Sunday is a challenge for some of the young players and for the last several weeks Margaret has been called on to (reluctantly) play to make up the numbers.  It hasn't been an outright disaster as the these ladies can play netball alright, it is just that they are mostly playing out of positions they are comfortable with this season and so the rebuilding process proceeeds.

The loss of Rachel Kapi especially with her poise near the hoop is the first notable absention in the blues team and a litany of mid court players no longer participating has Datec in a purple patch at the moment while Margaret Embahe works out combinations that will revitalise the Bluejays.  Nancy Kapi, normally a defender, has been pushed to the front and is holding her own in PCNC.  If anyone can do it, it is Margaret so all eyes are on her for the time being.  

Just One of Those Days for BSP

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It was just one of those days when you know its going to be a hard day at the office but after what happened the week before when a mix up meant BSP's Premier Division team would have to take the court without uniforms for the first half of a pretty herendous game against a fired up Fairdeal Liquors, you would have thought things may change for the reigning premiers as they focused on taking on former premier division contemporaries, Kina Bank.

This week BSP were expected to pull back the covers and let loose to get back in the groove.  Their oponents, Kina Bank, who are also working out attack combinations after some key staff movements this year, needed to also bring home a decent scalp to keep their aspirations at the Premier level alive.  Fairdeal Liquors have been the quiet achievers for the senior most division as to date they have knocked over most if not all of their major opponents and as a result, they are sitting fairly highly in this seasons early rankings. 

Kina, and now BSP need to pull themselves together and start impresing with wins but as you would have it, it suddenly becomes a tall ask when nothing you do works out.  For BSP, this situation must be starting to be a concern as three teams are now packed close together on the leader board and it may be a struggle in round 2 to haul the the others in without stressing. 

Last week it was the uniforms and a loss to boost as Fairdeal dispenses with the green machine without too muchof a fight.  This week the doldrums continued for the green machine as Kina stood their patch and played some excellent netball.  Rata Raula was better settled into the primary shooters role for this game and her accuracy and combinations out front with veteran attack Kula Iamo kept the score ticking over a lot more fluently.

BSP had the game in their sights even in the dying seconds as Jaqueline Hape scrounged for a better position to shoot in the key, but as you would have it,  time was called at the most inappropriate time and the befuddled BSP shooter was left starring at Vele Iamo and Renagi Mulina for assurance that all was not lost.

As it turns out BSP and Kina had to share points for a draw that could easily have been a win for the green machine.  Kina on their part had a great game but will need to sort out their midcourt passing delivery to their attacking pair and rework combinations that Angela and Kula had crafted into a science up front.

Datec Cruise Past Westpac's Height Advantage

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Westpac's lofty Shooter Elina Ripasom had her work cut out for her last Sunday as she matched up against PNG rep, Nancy Kapi under the hoop.  Elina's lack of agression allowed the Datec custodian to hustle the tall Fijian out of easy points and convert turnovers into points and in the end a comfortable outing for the ladies in skyblue.


Datec didn't have it all their way though and had to fight for points in patches as diminutive captain courageous Violet Banian realied the scarlet machine time and time again.  in the end Datec just had too much fire power and a score line to boot.  Westpac regulars Mona Lisa Leka and others may yet make the court which will give the team a lift but the bliss of motherhood is her current preoccupation and we all offer our congratulations to her and her partner on the recent arrival of a bouncing bundle of joy.

The next three games will be critcal for Westpac if they are to stay in contention for the finals.

PCNC Expect Huge Comp for 2012

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A record eleven divisions each with eight teams are expected to contest the 2011/2012 season PCNC netball competition in Port Moresby as the draws were released this week showed.

That is an amazing 88 teams registered this season and still more inquiries are being made for teams to be registered.

Of course as the season starts the not so committed teams tend to drop off and the balance make up teh competition for the season but with enough teams to generate eleven divisions is a massive show of confidence in the management of the comp and the competition itself.

As a social competition, it is less intense and more of a day for the netballers in the city, but the sheer numbers is an incredible endorsement of the sport by the female population engaged in the city's private sector.

Games start middy Sunday and will finish late.

All the games will be held at the Rita Flynn Courts at Bisini.

For draws go the Port Moresby Competitions Page in the Navigation Bar and select the draws from there or follow the link below.

PCNC Draws for Sunday 13th November 2011

PCNC Exercise Caution and Delay Trials

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The PCNC Executive chose to simply be cautious and postpone last Sundays trial games to this week.

With the Fiji / PNG League international being played at the PRL, it was not worth risking the safety of families and children that normally attend the courts for the PCNC, in the event something did go wrong.

Margaret Embahe who is caretaker President of the Private Companies off season netball competition until the next general elections, still has not received an concrete indication from the Port Moresby Netball Association as to what is being planned for the next six months at the courts. The PNG Netball Federation had made it publicly known that works were to commence at the Bisini facilities in November 2011 but as this article was being edited, nothing had crystalised for the PNGNF or POMNA.

Mrs Embahe appears then to be steaming on with the competition as this years turnout is anticipated to be close to 100 teams in the competition.

POMNA and the PNGNF still do not appear to have been advised by the Games Committee as to the likely pathway timeline and what any development will entail.

Trial matches resume this Sunday.

Favourites Tumble in PCNC Grand Finals

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A strange day it was at last weekend’s PCNC Grand Finals.   The overcast conditions would normally have been welcomed as a refreshing break from the searing morning sun Port Moresby is renowned for, but for some reason, the whole process of gearing up for the day seemed to lack the urgency normal for the event.

(above) a busy start last Sunday at 6:00 am as the tent brigade set about bilasing the Bisini courts.

The tent brigade had been out especially early in the morning, some as early as 5 am to pitch their canopies ensuring their patrons had a good spot to watch the day’s events unfold.  Those that came later than 6 am had the unenviable locations on the grass court floodplains.


For the first time there were delays to the start of proceedings uncustomary of the PCNC with matches commencing almost an hour behind schedule, but then that's when the instinctive netball hype kicked in and it was business as usual and the fever pitch rises.   A feast of some excellent netball was on the menu card for the next six hours as 10 divisions contested the right to be named champions for 2010/2011.  First to fall as favourite by the slimmest of margins was Division 6’s Post Courier.  Their opponents Pro Clean had proven they can play decent netball this season, turned up with simply a greater sense of urgency about their game and were more prepared to hustle their adversary out of the match and it worked, much to the frustration of PC’s captain coach, Lydia Veali.   The final score 26 – 27 to Pro Clean after leading at the break  9 – 6.


The other teams that lost against the grain include Kina Finance whose opponents Niugini Plumbing Services just ran and ran at the Kina defence with such enthusiasm that Kina became overwhelmed by the green and white teams relentless go forward .  The score for this game also determined by a single net, 24 – 23.



Division 1’s, Moore Printing who were the divisions front runners all season must have been shocked at full time to find they too had been overhauled and beaten by a hungrier, more determined side on Sunday.  QBE who had to work their way into contention this season were able to control the second half a lot better after trailing the mighty blue and white side 7 – 8 at the break.  Working hard to control the midcourt in the second half, QBE were able to take the game to Moore’s more experienced attack of the two Susan’s,  Leka and Paisoi forcing them into errors and more importantly capalising on every turn over ball.  The final toll rang out, 17 – 15 to QBE.

The Australian High Commission was always going to have its work cut out against Veupunama but they had beaten the Hula girls during the round robin games and quite comprehensively so the mood in their camp was one of confidence from the pre match hype right up to their game.  Their march past regalia included a strong message for gender equality on their t-shirts, but then it seemed to all go horribly wrong.  Right from the start their clean fluid game was put under stress firstly by the onset of rain and then by simple errors especially in their midcourt and worse still, at their own centre passes.  Veupunama were certainly hungry, but the self imploding AHC girls made the hard work that much easier.  With a spot in the premier division up for grabs the tigers took every oportunity offered them, with thanks of course and certainly made them pay.

Digara and Earnst & Young were strong contenders in their respective games and accounted for ECS and Bishop Brothers respectively.  Strong finishes by both teams now see their names on the perpetual trophies for 2011 and an elevation to a stronger division in the new season.   Data Nets surprised themselves at how comfortable they were able to complete their grand final meet with Pacific Industries.  Their improvement has to be the most impressive of all the teams in the PCNC competition this year.

After a poor start this year, underdogs Able Computing were confident of a good result in their game against competition stalwarts, Esco 1 in the Division 4 Grand Final.   Esco were quicker off the mark scooting off to a lead that Able had to chase going into the break 5 nets down.  To their credit the computer buffs were able to work their way back with the final whistle beating them while on a charge for the net.  Esco winning the day 23 – 22.


The PCNC landscape changes for yet another year as teams that had fallen off the track at one time or another then return to take up the mantle.  As teams that lost their way with the absence of senior players find their talent pool revitalised with players returning to the game and of course the movement from one job to another weakens one team but on the othe hand, strengthens another.

One consistency though is the assurance of good netball each season of the Private Companies Netball Club......

Back to Back Premierships for BSP

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They proved throughout season 2011 that they were the team to beat and on Sunday, they wore their hearts out on their sleeves and played some really tough netball in tricky conditions mind you, to take home the 2011 PCNC premier Division Pennant and the perpetual trophy for a second successive year.  In the process the "Go Green" BSP team stamped its brand onto the competition, setting the scene for an interesting 2012 season.



The other grand finalists, Air Niugini, proved worthy opponents and certainly proved their durability, coming within a single point of forcing the defending champions into extra time.   After a gruelling four quarters, both teams were flat out on their feet at the final whistle, in a game that was intense and certainly feisty, with tempers flaring at times.  BSP maintained their advantage at every quarter and led by 6 nets at the main break but Air Niugini, who have been grand finalists in this division before, stood solid in the third and fourth quarters taking the game to the bankers and causing some real concern for the Green Team. 

Goal Shooter, Jaqueline Hape, has to be considered player of the day with a very strong game near the hoop and despite the attention of veterans Nanai Nao and Jean Torea, managed to maintain a more than credible shooting average of over 90%, accounting for well over 30 of BSP’s 35 nets.   With that kind of accuracy BSP were always going to have a positive platform to work from.   Her focused play under pressure was perhaps the telling factor in this match and was what set up the 35 – 34 win for the bankers.   She did not get things all her way though and the competitive edge of Nau and Turia in the airliners defensive zone, provided some excellent contests for the ball.  But even Air Niugini had to admit that Hape was "hot, simply on fire", on the day.

Air Niugini were tenacious in the final two quarters, upping the anti and clawing their way back into real contention in the final outing.  Their third quarter dig was as memorable as the last because it was then that they began to disrupt the normally collected flow of the BSP attack and at one stage unsettling young Pepe development squad player, Gase Moka into lashing out at a contested ball with counterpart Kalina Taule.  It was perhaps at this point that  Air Niugini really convinced themselves that they were in the contest and could see cracksin the BSP game plan.



(Above) BSP's lady of the hour and goal shooter, Jacqueline Hape.  Her ability to remian compsosed in

Sunday's game laid the foundation for BSP's win.

The weather certainly did not help, deciding to dampen proceedings mid way through the divsion 1 grand final, making the surface of Bisini's ashphelt courts very slick and thwarting any chance of a high speed exchange typcial for these two teams.  Instead both teams adjusted to shorter, quicker passes and more contrived moves, which all considered, was still a very quick game for the conditions.

Sisters in the PX attack, Aivu, Samina and Laura Logona,  played strong games but lacked slightly in the accuracy stakes making the going tough for the airliners mid court defence.  Joyce Nao contributed with a strong game, aggressively ticking over the nets for Air Niugini.  It looked as though some questions would be asked of the PX resolve, when Aivu twisted an ankle while they were camped on the BSP zone in the final quarter.   She was taking up position against Vele Iamo and a clumsy turn resulted in her injury.    To their credit no one inthe PX attack lost their nerve and they continued relentlessly.  Patrica Maurice and Vele Iamo deserve a huge mention here, as they put their bodies on the line for BSP, time and time again, keeping the Air Niugini attack honest with every sortie.

The wealth of experience under pressure that Madeleine Leka – Tokemota and Betty Kila brought to this game certainly gave BSP balance and perhaps it was coach Renagi Mulina who was the most affected by the closeness of the contest as she watched from the sidelines. 

At one stage it looked certain she was going to get kitted out in an extra large skirt and take the court.


Centre court provided as much drama with centres Gase Moka and KilaLeka / Kalina Taule running hard in the lane all day, looking for passing options for their wing attacks.  BSP’s Vavine Raule was well boxed for much of the game especially when Laura Logona switched to wing defence in the second half.  Had Hape not had such a magical day near thehoop, we could have been looking at a totally different outcome for 2011.

Jacqueline Hape's effort under the net won her admiration from fans and enthusiasts alike last Sunday, from her team mates and coach and especially from her family.  Her overjoyed mother, was on hand after the game to congratulate her and happily told anyone that would listen…. “This is my daughter”


(above) action images from the grand final and (below) some of the

intense moments caught on the faces of spectators as they watched the game.

(below) more action images from the game.


Scores at each quarter break were;

                    Qtr 1    BSP   9   –   PX     8

                    Qtr 2    BSP 19   –   PX   13

                    Qtr 3    BSP 25   –   PX   22

                    Qtr 4    BSP 35   –   PX   34


Nets scored per half

             1st Half     BSP  19   -   PX   13

            2nd Half     BSP  16   -   PX   21

                             BSP  35   -   PX   34

BSP cap off an excellent season as defending champions and in fine spirit they revelled on for a few hours at the courts to soak in their achievements.  Air Niugini can certainly hold their heads up high and look forward to taking on 2012 with gusto.  A special mention has to be made of the professionalism shown by all the companies and teams in this year’s finals series, of the sportsmanship and discipline shown on and off the court.

Well done BSP and Air Niugini for the excellent game and congratulations to BSP on their well earned win.

Our coverage of the other finals follow shortly.