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Alotau to host 2015 National Champioships

Posted by Near the Hoop on July 30, 2015 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Netball PNG has confirmed that Alotau will host the 2015 National Championships. The eastern most tip of the southern conference of netball in PNG is expecting an influx of the netball fraternity to converge on the picturesque township during September this year and is preparing itself and its facilities for the fanfare.


Alotau has hosted fairly successful national tournaments in the past but this year will be a lot more technical with the quality of the game having had a real jolt and the demands of international competition the likes of the Pacific Games and so on, having direcly an impact on how the game is now played.


The Pacific Games itself has been a real distraction to the organisation and build up for Championship tournament and dates have still not been set just two months out from the event.  Organisers when contacted were upbeat about the whole thing commenting that the ANA woudl be ready for the event.  Typically Papua New Guinean about it all numbers and attendees still have not been confirmed even now.

Alotau have faily lucky at selections as well with the two selected from the Championships in Madang in 2012 going on to acutally represent PNG with the Pepe's in the PNS and other tournaments.  It is a reflection of how the Association has been run in Milne Bay and the talent pool that despite it being one of the lesser considered Associations in the country.  Netball is clearly the most played female sport in that province even ahead of soccer.


An annoucnement is expected soo from Netball PNG soon with repect to details of this years Championships.

Digicel will again most likely be the main sponsor for 2015.


Sparrows and Kempa Take U21 Flags

Posted by Near the Hoop on September 15, 2013 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

POMNA's U21 division was quite heavy in 2013 making it necessary to spli the competition into two pools.

Cutting through the maze and standing tall last week were four very able teams two well establised clubs and two new.  The U21A grand final was poised between two blue laden teams the Digicel Sparrows and City Pharmacy Rebel.  The U21B Grand Final was fought out by newcomers Kempa and POMIS.

The Sparrows/Rebels game was as expected with the very netballing families, strongly rooted in POMNA netball.  The pace though moderate and very cordial in the beginning showed out toward the end the fighting spirit desperation can instill.  The Sparrows were on song from the start, sharp in both shooting and defence frustrating a less ready Rebels unit into unfamiliar mistakes and turnovers and before they knew what was going on a tangible deficit was yawning into a challenging gap that the City Pharmacy ladies had to chase for the entire game.

The second half certainly played out better for the Rebels but the foundaton had been set early by the Sparrows and in the end comfortably took the game.

The Sparrows have always been a strong contender at the U21 level but the transition to the top level has been somewhat of an elusive pathway for the club. They stil remain one of the strongest challengers in the Open divisions as well.


The other U21B grand final matchup between newcomers to the competion, Kempa in the green skirts and the skyblue POMIS team.

The players purcolate through the other more established clubs but showed why they are in the grand final for that pool.  POMIS was uncharacteristically slow out of the blocks and was clearly uncomfortable chasing a deficit.  Turnovers partucularly which were not a feature of their game thoughout the season suddenly plagued the scholastic team to the glee of the Kempa team.  They took full advantage of the stagefright their opponents were experiencing and made sure they enjoyed themselves in the process.

POMIS are not a team to simply roll over and gave it their best shot in the second half but the margin was just too difficult to reel in.


Well done to all four teams and congratulations to the Sparrows and Kempa.

Another Premiership for Telstars

Posted by Near the Hoop on September 15, 2013 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (0)

n what turned out to be an excellent day of netball on Saturday last, POMNA held its finals at the Bisini Courts to formally close out the season. With some 20 games, 12 in the junior and 8 in the senior competitions, the day had to be organised well in advance.

Prepping the courts started In the wee hours of Saturday morning transforming courts the two main courts into an amphitheatre for what would be a full day of great netball.

The day started off with the Junior divisions finals from the U10's through to the U21's. So great has been the interest in 2013 that even the U21 division had enough to field two pools A and B. It's always a treat to see the new talents starting off their netballing careers and the U10's were not only such fun to watch but you could easily spot the influence their mothers have the children if their mothers also play.


The Junior competition was an open field affair and no one club seemed to dominate with new club POMIS making the cut to contest the U21B grand final and the Sparrows and Rebels taking up the contest in Pool A.

Seven full divisions of eight teams contested the senior competition this year showing the depth of interest in the sport and the main premier division game had everything from a slow start by the Mermaids to almost taking the game from the mighty Telstars.

The Premier division for 2013 was a hotly contested matchup between the fancied Esco Telstars and Snax Mermaids who were expected to take the challenge right up to the women in Red but whether it was nerves or a touch of the hibijibi, the colour purple just didn't seem to want to sparkle, in fact the Mermaids had hit a "purple patch" right where it was least needed at the beginning of the game, both shooters just couldn't find any range, and lacked total cohesion in attack and the score reflected this at the end of the 1st quarter. The 2nd quarter was no better and at half time it seemed the fate of the game had been sealed as the mermaids, now looking like fish out of water, trailed the mighty Telstars 26 - 16.

Something happened in the half time break, perhaps the tide had returned and the sea breeze had brought with it luck because the third quarter was one of the most exciting of comebacks ever witnessed in POMNA netball as the Snax ladies found a rhythms that absolutely bedazzled both the Telstars players and the spectators as suddenly it was game on as the Mermaids potted net after unanswered net, so much so that by the third quarter break, there was nothing in the game and the scored stood poised at Telstars 34, Mermaids 32............... and the crowd now was right into the game, the final quarter was going to be an interesting one and you couldn't bet one way or the other.

The final quarter was one of the most intense and draining ones with only fatigue the winner as both teams throwing absolutely everything into it. The coaching benches were gritting their teeth, riveted to the court barking out instructions in an effort to keep the players focused. The game could have gone on for another half hour and had the crowd roaring for more as both teams put on an excellent display of high quality netball but in the end it was two turnovers that cost the Mermaids their 2nd Premier division pennant. The final score 45 - 40 and Telstars again reveling in the spoils of yet another Premiership.


They never are easy game to pick and though many would say Telstars had the game sorted, even they would admit, there were some scary moments there and the Mermaids were certainly worthy contenders.

Well done to both teams and congratulations to Mona Lisa Leka, Lydia Veali and Veitu Diro and indeed the entire Telstars outfit for the success of the Red Machine in 2013.

Paramana Smash Hapless Aroma Coast

Posted by Near the Hoop on June 7, 2012 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Aroma Coast were again dished out  a netball lesson by Paramana in POMNA's main game last Saturday.

Paramana never shifted out of first gear and coasted through the game and still poste an impressive 67 - 39 shellacking of the 2011 tailenders.  The score card could have easily looked worse for the East Coast ladies if the women in black shown some urgency in their game.

Aroma Coast for their part squandered their chances through a very poor conversion rate near the hoop.  Missed opportunities and turn overs were punished by the 2010 premiers and possibly a clear message to the competition contenders this year that they mean business this year.


Last Saturdays Main Game on Court 2

Full story to follow.

Telstars Pip Mermaids by 7

Posted by Near the Hoop on June 6, 2012 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

It wasn't a happy day for the Mermaids last Saturday as they took on Telstars for the first time this season. 

For the better part of their outing the 'maids had the might chooks under the knife and only by some smart positional changes in the third quarter by Telstars to bolster their defence and loosen up their midcourt attack were they able to claw their way back and take the game from the jaws of defeat.  A nail biter to the end and had it not been for the experience of their senior players, the Mermaids could well have taken that game.

The 'Maids appeared to have the red machine's measure, leading both the first and second quaters, slowing down the Telstars midcourt so that Mona Lisa Leka was placed under enormous pressure as Goal Attack,

The Kapi sisters, at their best as custodian of the net effectivel challenged each forray by the Telstars attack.

In the third stanza, Marca Muri was moved into the D with Albertine to bolster the red defence, Mona was moved back to lead the attack from the midcourt and Toka Kini was placed inside the attacking D to help shoot.   This seemed to do the trick and by the close of third stanza , the scores were even.

The rest is history as the experience of the attackign combinations, agro at the net and boxing by the red defence allowed Telstars to come away with a hard fought win, 54 - 47.

Telstars and the Rebels are the only two teams to be undefeted as the Rexona Cup enters game 5 of the round and guess who's playing this weekend in the 2nd premier division game this Saturday.  It's RED versus BLUE.  It is sure to be a real stouch, so be there this weekend.

2011 Premiers Shine Over Veupunama

Posted by Near the Hoop on June 6, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Last weeks high scores were not isolated to Paramana and Telstars.  In fact it was the 2011 premiers that started the ball rolling in the first encounter of the day, punishing Veupunama to a submisssive 57 - 35 score.  The Blues had all the answers last Saturday, converting turnovers into points and rarely missing off their centre pass.

Veupu on the other hand needed to find their way a little even though the personnel they fielded were similar to the team that really pressed BSP in the PCNC grand final only a month ago.

The Rebels have a very strong midcourt which controlled both in attack and defense showing both fitness and mental strength as they dismantled their opposition making the Veupunama attack look predictable.  Their fitness in particular shone through and in the end they were able to experiment with player combinations and run plays.  A strong all roudn performance.

POMNA Moves o Finalise Its Constitution

Posted by Near the Hoop on November 9, 2011 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Just prior to the National Championships, the Executive of POMNA resolved to take the issue of finalising the existing draft Constitution and Competition Rules before the next season commences.

As such the Secretary of POMNA, Mrs Karo Gigimat, distributed copies of the draft constitution of the Association to all members/Clubs with a request that they compile their input/suggestions/recommendations on what the final document should look like.

The purpose of the exercise is to then pass everyone's input to a lawyer who will re-draft a fresh document which the executive can table to Association members for ratification prior to the new season in 2012.

The current draft Constitution and Competition Rules has been in a draft form for some time without any real progress to properly establish and ratify a proper document. As as result it has been the subject of or the reason for many inconsistencies and disagreements.

This is an opportunity to remove some of the impediments standing in the way of development of the sport and requires everyone's support.

If you have received a copy of the POMNA Draft Constitution and Competition Rules please do not simply set it aside but read it and offer your suggestions as to how the particular problems can be resolved regardless of how small or trivial you may consider the matter to be.

Please check with your club reps whether they have received or considered a copy of the Constitution and if they haven't, contact Mrs Karo Gigimat, Mrs Eva Kini, Mrs Annie Iamo, Mrs Renagi Mulina, Mrs Lynna Koneubau or Mr Simon Anakapu to organise a copy for your reps.

Please note all members are asked to cooperate to achieve a positive outcome for the Association especially with regard to this matter. The time in which the executive expects comments to be returned expired last month. An extension may have to be sought to allow comments to be passed in.

A Good Day of Netball

Posted by Near the Hoop on May 9, 2011 at 11:56 PM Comments comments (0)

It was an extraordinary day yesterday in Port Moresby, as POMNA's pre-season day 2 rolled around.  For the first time in a long while a desire seems to have bubbled through among netball enthusiasts in the city fueling a renewed desire to be part of the game this year.  


Teams rather than clubs have sprung up from no where and for the first time in a long while the courts were brimming with netballers keen on being a part of this years competition.  The regular club structures remain and will continue to form the foundation of the competition but there are also teams from last year that appear to have expanded this year into entitities with multiple teams such as Gulf Ventures and the Salvos Central.

In a development that will leave an impression on the future of netball in the NCD, is what appears to be an expansion of the junior competition this year.  Veupunama as a club has virtually exploded with the help of Jack Sarea and wife, who have encourgaged many of the Hanuabadan junior netballers to migrate to the POMNA competition and play with Veupunama.  It is early days yet and it will be interesting what the competition will look like at the tail end of the season, but all indications point to a strong year for netball, especially in the nation's capital.




Saturday's attendance was literally young and old alike.  The U10's started of the day and in the soft afternoon heat, it was the competitions new "masters' division that rounded off it off with a noisy, happy ending.  The young pups arriving as early as 7:30, earlier than even the gate keeper and anxious to get onto the court and notably, even as late as 2:00 in the afternoon Raukele's Gillian Ole was recruiting beaming young prospective talents for her club from the growing POMNA crowd.

The oldies, or should we say, the "young at heart", some of which have not played since the 90's mixed it with the best, testing the ligaments and joints, sidesteps, dodges and sprints, hallmark of netball in those days of yore and bringing on more than just a smile to the faces of spactators and onlookers.  

The masters division will be a new inclusion in this years senior competition.




Senior Clubs, Paramana, Rebels, Telstars, Mermaids, Sparrows, Aroma Coast and Veupunama all had strong days with their juniors setting the table for a feast of netball in 2011.  growing clubs like the Salvo's, Raukele and Kapunarau also had strong outings as each now jockey to see how the beavy of new teams will be placed in this years competition.

The three game pre-season ends next weekend and the scrum starts for real for 2011.

POMNA officials should have divisional competitions clarified ext weekend and draws posted for the competiton proper the following week.

You will be able to download weekly draws from this website by Wednesday each week by clicking on the draws icon in the side bar located on the left of this page, or simply click the Port Moresby Competitions option in the Navigtion Bar and selecting POMNA draws.

Lae Biscuit Co and Snax Renew Mermaids Sponsorship

Posted by Near the Hoop on April 27, 2011 at 7:01 PM Comments comments (0)

(above) Lae Biscuits Gwen Moide (left) hands over the sponsorship cheque


Lae Biscuit and the Mermaids Netball Club continued their extraordinary relationship this week with the announcement of yet another year of sponsorship.


At a short press confernence held at the Golden Rooster establishment in the Steamships industrial complex in Port Moresby, Snax marketing executive, Gwen Moide and a team of sales representatives handed over a cheque to members of the Mermaids team.


The sponsorship announcement marks 18 years of continual backing of the Mermaids Netball Club which started in 1993 from a commitment made by Steven Chow and the French Bakehouse at 6-Mile. Since then, the Lae Biscuit Company and in particular the Chow family has provided naming rights for the Mermaids Club.  Mermaids Club President and founder, Mrs Pole Kassman and senior player Richanda Kassman were witnesses at the press conference.


The sponsorship package includes the cost of new uniforms ordered from Australia and which Richanda assures all, will be a standout in this years competition.


The Snax Mermaids has two senior teams in the Port Moresby Netball Assocition competition but fields one team in every junior division and two in the U13 and U15 competition making it clearly the strongest club in the competition.   This was reiterated last year with the mermaids appearing in every junior division grand final last year and winning all bar two finals.




The value of this investment in the junior divisions will the perculation and natural progression of that netball talent into senior divisions of the club in the future.  When announcing the support for the Mermaids Netball Club, Gwen Moide said Lae Biscuit beleived strongly in sports as a medium for development of the country and would continue to support women in sport.


Mrs Moide, who'se daughter also plays netball with the club was happy to be the one to hand over the sponsorship cheque.



Port Moresby Netball to commence pre-season after Easter

Posted by Near the Hoop on April 25, 2011 at 8:14 AM Comments comments (0)

The New Executive of the Port Moresby Netball Association released a notice to thepress that a three week trial will precede the 2011 season.  The trials will commence this Saturday 30thApril 2011.

The first game of the 2011 season proper will be played on Saturday 21st May,2011.

A new registration system for the Association is currently being finalized which willbe set in place over the trials period. All existing members of clubs and teamsare asked to cooperate and register early to enable the system to work to avoidcongestion and problems during the season proper.

The notice to teams and interested parties were sent three weeks ago inviting all interesting parties to nominate and register teams for this season.  Several new teams including the Dream Inn has registered for season 2011.

New sponsors and sponsors with a new look are expected this year.  Paramana already have new uniforms and the Sparrows apparently will have a new look uniform from Digicel.