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Maria Folau (Tutaia) One of New Zealands lethal strike weapons

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A quick look at the Maria Tutaia story, now Mrs Maria Folau.

Certainly a competitor.  Simple but extrvagant, humble but oozing confidence.

A household name in New Zealand and indeed for the global netball fraternity as one of the Silver Fern's most lethal strike weapons she is quite a spectacle to watch on court and a shining example for those wanting to be inside the circle.

Enjoy the video link

World Cup 2019 News - Liverpool, England

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Looking back at the highlights reels for the World Cup this year have been quite amazing but among them was this pearler. 

England was one of the teams we had hoped would make it to the big one but lost at the very last hurdle to the formidable Silver Ferns in the major semi final.  They had class, talent, poise a lot of netball and a bit of the sassy as well. 

Click on the link below and enjoy the 4 minute highlights reel.

This is too good to miss.  New Zealand v England Liverpool Vitality World Cup, 2019.

Rugby and Netball........

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Interesting perspectives for sport as the All Blacks and SilverFerns share high performance experiences.

Click on the link for this interesting video.

Fitness a Crucial Component for the Silver Ferns in 2019

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So here's a peek at some of the focuses for New Zealand this year. If you think our coaches are lunatic about fitness, take a look at this video.

Silver Ferns win Highlights - Netball World Cup 2019

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Video Highlights of the World Cup from RNZ

New Zealand take out 2019 Netball World Cup - Liverpool

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What a story

New Zealand win their first World Cup title since 2003.

In dramatic fashion, as has been many an epic battle at this level, the Silver Ferns held on to stave off a fast finishing Australian side to win the Netball World Cup Final, 52-51, overnight.


The comentators, almost horse from the frantic calls, amplified New Zealands awesome achievement after sixteen years of hammering at the door, to finally hoist the Cup and say "it's ours", was memorable. Marie Folau was outstanding at the net as was the entire NZ contingent. having to psychologically prepare for a final after going down to the Diamonds in the semi's must have been a battle in itself.  But they simply went on with it for the big one, flustering the Aussies at the brekdowns and making sure they had to work for every point is indicative of the close scoreline. 

In what has been billed an absolutely exhilarating and exhausting final even for the spectators, the Diamonds just couldn't close out the Ferns, surrendering the worlds top spot in the sport for the first time in almost two decades.

NZ will finally be etched onto the silverwear before the ladies take it back home to go in the trophy cabinette.

Scenes of utter joy at one end and total dismay at the other as the Silver Ferns, finally put paid to a sixteen year drought and finally get to take home the silverware.

Well done New Zealand Silver Ferns.

Link below is RNZ's video review

PNG Nets Bronze in Netball - Pacific Games Samoa

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The Pepe's made an emphatic statement that they were not to be denied a place on the podium as they accounted for a virtual U21 Samoan side representing their nation in the place of their #1 team which as in England contesting he World Cup.

PNG acquited themselves well from all accounts with the lead never being challenged and finishing off 64 - 35 to ensure we at least share in the medal haul the country has managed at these games.

Our ladies never lacked in both skill or stamina but perhaps the ability to finish off and an unofrtunate lapse in accuracy which for the Cook Islands and Tonga mean they were always has an oportunity to capitlise on possesion.  Lose your centre pass and you have to fight for the next two to make up.  It all started to gel in the final game but two games short as the losses to Tonga and the Cookies meant we miss out on challenging for the Gold or Silver.  

They were all wonderful sportspeople and were great ambassadors for our game.

Our Pepe's return home over the weekend.

Well done Pepe's

PNG Plays Off for Bronze at Apia Games.

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PNG plays Host nation Samoa for the bronze medal tomorrow after Tonga beat Samoa 48 - 44 tonight for the right to play the Cook Islands for the Gold Medal. As luck would have it, the Pepe's were denied the chance after the Cook Islanders easily accounted for PNG 58-31 today.

Samoa was always going to struggle in this years competition with their key players committed to the World Cup in Liverpool, England. Fiji forewent this years Pacific Cup to attend the World Cup as well and the absence of both teams meant we should have had a better chance to at least Silver at these games. Tonga accounted for the young Samoan side tonight ensuring they now have a crack at the gold medal tomorrow while PNG has to make sure it at least brings something back for the cabinet.

Tonga also beat PNG making them the most improved of the top four teams at the games making up for their loss to PNG at the last Mini Games.

Netball News from Samoa Games 2019

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Results from Samoa as netball winds up at the new Mutliplex Sports Stadium in Apia.

From what appeared to be a real possibility to bring home a medal perhaps even the gold, discipated today as the Pepe's faltered against the green machine and the reality that we could actually miss out on a medal becomes evident.

Eight countries compete at this years tournament and the Pepe's were expected to do well.  but even with the absence of Fiji at these games due to their World Cup Commitments, Samoa's second string team faired well against a full strength Cook Islands contingent.  Tonga is the only other counttyr expected to provide any real competition to PNG. 

Our campaign seemed well on track as on day 1 our results against American Samoa where the Pepe's exceeded the tonne beating the Americans 116 to 10 certainly sounded out a warning to the competition what PNG were there to compete.  Tonga however also had their sights on the prize too respondig with an even more impressive 142 points to 11 win against the Americans  in their 2nd outing on Tuesday.

The Cook Islands are now the favourites after beating Samoa by six last night while PNG went down to Tonga loosing 52 - 42 to the ladies in red.  As we post this, Cook Islands lead PNG conffortably at the third quarter 49 - 27 ....  

Results for days 1 - 3 as listed by the Official Pacific Games Score Board and Wikipedia

DAY 1, Game 1 - Pool B

Samoa (95) - Norfolk Island (12)

15/07 13:00

DAY 1, Game 2 - Pool A

Papua New Guinea (116) - American Samoa (10)

15/07 15:30, Game 3 - Pool A

Tonga (94) - Solomon Islands (24)

15/07 18:00

DAY 1, Game 4 - Pool B

Cook Islands (67) - Tokelau (20)

15/07 20:30

DAY 2, Game 5 - Pool A

Tonga (142) - American Samoa (11)

16/07 13:00

DAY 2, Game 6 - Pool B

Cook Islands (91) - Norfolk Island (16)

16/07 15:30

DAY 2, Game 7 - Pool B

Samoa (82) - Tokelau (26)

16/07 18:00

DAY 2, Game 8 - Pool A

Papua New Guinea (75) - Solomon Islands (11)

16/07 20:30

DAY 3 Game 9 Pool B

Cook Islands (59) - Samoa (53)


DAY 3 Game 10 Pool B

Tokelau (64) - Norfolk Islands (17)


DAY3 Game 11 Pool A

Tonga (52) - Papua New Guinea (42)


DAY3 Game 12 Pool A

Solomon Islands (74) - American Samoa (27)


DAY 4, Game 13 - SEMI FINALS

Solomon Islands (42) - Norfolk Island (36)

18/07 13:00

Cook Islands (58 Papua New Guinea (31)

Medal Play offs will be held on Friday 19th July  PNG will play for Bronze.

Samoa Bag Bronze in Tight Game

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Samoa held on against the tenatious Cook Islands Black Pearls to claim Bronze at the Power Dome on Saturday morning. The Samoans managing a modest 54 - 49 scoreline which reflects better than how they really faired as the Cook Islanders took every ounce of sweat from their Polynesian cousins, relenqishing the win only in the last two minutes or so of the game.

The lead changed hands several times as the two maintained a neck to neck game all the way to the finish.  At one stage it seemed the Cook Islands had found the Samoans measure and would wear them down but the ladies in Blue dug deep to keep composed, slowing the game at critical junctures and returning to the basics that resulted in points.  It was only just before full timet that they powering home. .

The Samoans held onto a very slim lead in both the first quarter and half time but went into the final down on points and looking at a very pumped up Cook Island side intent on upseting the apple cart.

They managed to take the lead back after a turnover early in the final stanza and had the presence of mind to keep the Cook Islanders at bay, holding on to that lead despite the frantic efforts of the Green machine to overrun them.  A turn over in the last minute of the game allowed Samoa ad safety net and the smallest of marjins and victory.  An entertaining game to the finish.