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PCNC Kicks Off Round 1 Sunday 27th October 2019

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So, finally after three weeks of trials the PCNC gets underway Sunday 27th October 2019, bright and early.


While many may still be nursing the remnants of a heavy Saturday night get together, the PCNC ladies of divisions 16 to 13 will be parked and ready at 8:00 am at the Bisini netball courts, ready to rock and roll…..


It’s the first game of the season and after three weeks of getting the cobwebs out, Port Moresby’s biggest sporting competition, involving some 90 odd business houses and 103 teams, yes I did say one hundred and three netball teams, competing at this year’s Private Companies Netball Competition, (the PCNC).


Spanning virtually six months the competition of seventeen divisions is played every Sunday until about March next year when the grand finals are held for each division.


This year there are seventeen (17) divisions of six teams each and an elite or Premier Division which this year is comprised of seven teams.


Tomorrow is day one of the completion proper and with as much aplomb as you can expect, the games will start on time and during the course of the day teams of the various divisions will come and go but the PCNC has always been a full day event for the ladies as they mingle and enjoy each others company throughout the day.


It is a family oriented event and husbands and boyfriends are encouraged to attend with the family to watch mum or the significant other play and to allow the families mingle and interact outside the office environment. It is often here that great friendships are built, great rivalries are created, networking and relationships promoted and a healthy lifestyle encouraged among the working women of Port Moresby and the greater NCD.


For many of the new or newer teams, this will be one of the most important weekly appointments you have as you and your team mates play on behalf of you and your company for that little bit of swagger and friendly competition among you and your contemporaries to be the best in your division for 2019/2020……


Over the last three weeks, Near the Hoop has been taking images and putting together a dossier of stories which will be articulated across several mediums, but for the convenience of you all, it will be a digital and print media support for the PCNC. Because images are difficult to manage on print media, they will be stored on the NTH Website and on the NTH Facebook group and page with links to the existing PCNC page.


All you need to do is be a member of the "Near the Hoop" website and you have access to all the facilities on the site including our gallery of images.


A Newsletter called “The PCNC” will commence publication very soon which will telegraph the stories and some of the images. Every time there is an opportunity we will be inviting the other media platforms to also join the competition for an update. This is how we hope to take the profile of the country’s biggest sporting competition to the next level.

Done and Dusted.... POMNA hold Semi Finals in Style

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Tense moments in a number of divisions as the final jockeying for a place at the big one next week and the following week reached it zenith. All the games went pretty much to the wire as contenders manoeuvred to make their claim for a seat at the grand final proceedings.

From the U10’s all the way to the U21’s there was push and shove, some real catching up and certainly a statement that today was not going to be pushover day.

The teams already berthed and in waiting at the final clash were all there, curious to know who they would be playing in the main event. The U21A’s was an interesting saga as PC Lightning appeared to have the game well at hand leading by well over 10 nets by three quarter time. But true to the Sparrows fighting spirit the young ladies dug deep and in the third and final quarters hauled the score back to within three nets and pushing the Lightning defensive line to breaking point, until time ran out.

Final contenders for U21A’s are PC Lightning against Veupunama next week

A similar story for Paramana and Poinimo inU21B but with Poinimo taking the game a little moe comfortably in the end.

It was pretty much the same account for each of today’s games with losses basically by the hair of their teeth, as team after team express’s either despair at such a close loss or a sigh of real relive at the close finish of their games.

There is one little fascinating tale of the Gulf teams who will be playing each other in their divisional Grand Final in two weeks, but that in itself if another story altogether.

The main one on centre court indoors today was the clash between CC Sparrows and Snax Mermaids for the right to take on Telstars at the major event and if the scores are any indication to go by it was a cracker of a game with both teams absolutely on top of each other, literally neck to neck for the entire game. The strength of Kilala “Lala” Owens and Courtney Abel in defence cannot be understated and will be perhaps one of the things Telstars will need to consider in two weeks time.

With Meme Leka still on her game, shooting some pretty impressive averages as of late and against some very respectable defensive lineups, speaks volumes of this young lady’s potential and today she held her own again.

The Maids played a very intense game today and the scores of 12/13, 15/22, 33/33 and 44/46 just confirm that it was an excellent game to watch. Nail biting and riveting, right to the end.

They had every opportunity to win today’s game but for whatever reason there appeared some jitters at their shooting. Let’s not simply dismiss the Sparrows defence for had it not been for the agro and smart, almost patient monstering of Japhet, Rayleen and Alex in the circle, perhaps it would have been a very different game.

At one juncture, just 7 minutes out, I took a look at the scoreboard and it was 38 a piece, it was a pretty sure bet this one was going to the wire. But then Japhet missed a sitter right at the base of the net which would have put the Maids up by one and the Sparrows recovered with a base line throw-in. That to me was where the crack appeared as the Sparrows capitalised on that advantage and then kept their center pass which put them two points ahead. The Maids just couldn’t haul in the sore and the catching up always meant the Sparrows, if they kept their cool, would have a two goal or at the least, a one goal buffer.


Final score in an outstanding game of netball CC Sparrows 46 defeating the Snax Mermaids 44. Sparrows of course now have to strategise to take on minor premiers and Grand Finalists Telstars, in the POMNA Premier Division Grand Final in a fortnight. That is going to be an interesting game indeed.


The POMNA Grand Final format departs a little from previous competitions this year in that, the Junior Finals will be held next week from U10 to U21’s and the following week POMNA hosts its Senior competition Grand Finals.


No doubt we’ll be seeing you all there…..


Mixed and Men's Quarter Finals

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The cauldron boiled over on Sunday afternoon as the Mixed and Men’s Netball set about hosting their quarter finals for this season.

You could have honestly thought that Tana had just won the World Cup when the throng of their supporters from Hanuabadans, who have filled the stadium for the last several weeks of games, erupted into cheer after Patrick Vagahu’s “Mixed B” charges held off fourth placed Veupunama in an absolutely riveting game of seesaw netball to win on Sunday. The games already electric atmosphere had been further fuelled by the announcement of overtime after the teams were locked with a draw at fulltime but even after volley after volley of assaults and counter assaults the teams had to dig deep still and endure double overtime when the teams were still all tied up after the first set of 5 minute halves.


The game was played at an intense pace anyway but the adrenalin was on high as this one meant elimination for one of the teams and fuelled by an intense supporter interest the battle raged. So intense was the support and the clamour so loud that even the umpires had difficulty communicating on court calls. It became so intense that at one point the game had to be halted to caution excited Veupunama supporters for encroaching onto or near the playing area. Both teams and their supporters obviously knew that loosing this one meant bowing out for the season in this division. With the teams running neck to neck the intensity just continued to climb rather than peter as exhausted players like gladiators from old, dug deeper to continue. On two occasions, verification of who had actually won had to also be sought from officials amidst celebration and pandemonium on court as premature victory celebrations quickly evaporated and players had to again don bibs and return to playing mode. It was madness with a capital M…….

At the end of extra time the do or die rule then applied and the team who first reached a two goal advantage would be immediately declared the winner. There would be no halftime break, just a continuous change over until a winner was declared….


Both these teams have always been competitive and there was no love lost on this occasion as both teams were determined they would be grinners. Only god knows where they got the energy from to again take the court and ramp up the tempo yet again.

The chant however, was unmistakably Tana’s as they scored a second successive goal two minutes into double extra time ensuring they lived to fight another day, much to the dismay of an exhausted Veupunama team. It was excitement on excitement and confusion on confusion. It was absolute mayhem and magic……. The final score Tana 28 defeating Veupunama 26. Tana managing to keep their hopes alive for another week to play off against KPHL next Sunday.


this particular game set the atmosphere for the rest of the games and a great outing for mixed and men’s netball.

In the previous set of games in the same division, minor premiers, PNG Electoral Commission were able to account for a strong Kumul Petroluem outfit scraping it in by the slimmest of margins 29 – 28 on court 3. This assures them a second grand final appearance in as many years while KPHL now face an invigorated Tana team to see who will take on the Electoral Commission in the big one in two weeks.

Veupunama has teams in every division of the competition this year and had ended the season with a team in the top four in each division. They will be disappointed to bow out in “Mixed B” after an epic struggle with Tana and also in Mixed C after losing that match to Hetura 16 – 24, which also went into overtime.

In Pemier Mixed, Keakalo face off against Kamuna this Sunday after a fairly torrid 18 – 35 encounter with front runners Veupunama while Black Magic close their ledgers for this season and build for 2020 after their loss to Kamuna.

Mirupasi in “Mixed A” pulled off a small coup on Sunday, shrugging off a fright from Veupunama, who actually finished the season leading the comp so they now book their first grand final in Mixed and Mens against the grain. But full credit to them, they worked hard on their defense, offensive rebounds and clearances from broken play to surprise the competition front runners at each turn. They played the maroon shirts into a false sense of security and never panicked at any stage of the game and as a result they cashed in the dividends at the end closing Veupu out by just two, 25 – 23 A great game with the usual extroverted display of elevation and athleticism in the sport. Excellent averages and strength near the hoop by shooters Teffy Andrew and Itama Renagi and Kerna Sauna’s strength in the air at Wing Attack were what caused Veupu some real headaches. This is where the Maroons will have to work to fix if they are able to overcome SCAL Shahus this weekend and meet Mirupasi again in the main event. SCAL Shahus will not be easy pickings and will have to be treated with respect as they too have claim to the prize.


Veupunama find themselves in the unfamiliar position of revisiting their game strategies as especially in “Mixed A” and after an impressive outlook at the beginning of the finals they will need to keep the prospect alive in this division if they are to make up for losses in “Mixed C” and “Mixed B”

In the Men’s game and Premier Mixed, Veupunama showed their class at the top of the pool making it clear in both senior divisions that their number one spot at the close for the season was not a fluke. For the men’s, it meant holding off and dispatching a determined Auna Fonza side who have been hot on their heels for the entire season. Auna Fonza, highly competitive throughout the season just could not break the shackles free on Sunday, submitting 30 – 21 to a super strong Veupunama lineup. Veupu now stand by to see who will be their challengers. Kamuna who finished the season 3rd in the men’s premier division and who have been strong on court all season were up against 4th placed team in Mona Magic on Sunday for the division’s elimination final. Both teams accounted well for themselves and the pace, as expected for the men’s version of this game was nothing short of sizzling hot. Kamuna are competitive at every level but lack a little in height up front but what they lack in height, they more than make up for in athleticism and heart. So enter the likes of Donald Kala up front. Both teams were evenly poised with Mona submitting twice to errors in possession, which in the end allowed the game to slip away. Still 2019 was a good year for the Magic of Mona.


Kamuna now face a charged up Auna Fonza team in Sunday’s major semi, who will no doubt be smarting from Sundays loss. Up for grabs will be bragging rights to sit courtside against Veupunama at the grand final. Each of the Premier men’s top four teams can win on a good day and so picking a winner for next week at this end of the season will be a bit like gambling on the lotto.

The Premier Mixed game will also be an excellent game this coming Sunday. The Aroma Coast squad for Keakalo will be looking to shake, rattle and roll against a very competent and confident Kamuna side. Watching some of the POMNA premier division ladies in action for Keakalo, Kamuna and Veupunama, who are parked up and waiting for their final appearance in two weeks, means the contests over these next two weeks will be absolute pearlers and should be a real pleasure to watch for netballers no matter what your disposition. Keakalo v Kamuna this weekend and then, the winner v Veupunama in the Grand Final.

Oh boy, to pick a winner from these three will be like choosing from the Diamonds, the Ferns and the Roses at the World Cup ………. a bloody hard choice.

Whichever way, we are in for some excellent mixed and mend netball in the next two weeks .


Congratulations to all the teams who have booked first passage to the Grand Finals in two weeks time. Commiserations to those which bowed out last week and good luck to those who have either a final dual this coming Sunday or a step up to the big one in two weeks time.

Scores for Sunday 11th August 2019 – Quarter Finals.


1pm Mix C Tana 45 def Water PNG 13

Hetura 24 def Veupu 16 ( in over time)

Mix B PNGEC 29 def KPHL 28

1:50pm Mix B Tana 26 def Veupu 24 (in double O/T)

Prem Mix Veupu 35 def Keakalo 18

Kamuna 23 def B/Magic 13

2:30pm Mix A Mirupasi 25 def Veupu 23

Scal Shahus 30 def Tana 25

3:10pm Men's Veupu 30 def Auna Fonza 21

Kamuna 21 def M/Magic 18

Quarter Finals for POMNA

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The finals are on us now on us for POMNA but there is a curious atmosphere at the Rita Flynn courts both indoor and outdoor that is difficult to explain. A mood or spark which is no longer there, that made this time of the POMNA season at the old courts such an attraction. I’m not sure what it is nor can anyone describe it, but it was the source of cheer for many associated with the sport until the changes to accommodate the Pacific Games in 2014.

It is the absence of that particular something that has made the competition somewhat separated or distant or dislocated from it’s constituents, its members, especially at this time of the season. But it is the business end of the netball season for 2019 and some serious netballing was on display across the six outdoor courts and two premier division quarter finals today.

In all Divisions, 1st placed teams played off with 2nd place for the right to first berth at the Grand Final and 3rd placed teams played 4th placed teams in an elimination round. The winner of 3 v 4 then plays the looser of 1 v 2 next week for the right to play in the Grand Final in two weeks time.

There is a slight departure from the above in that the junior competition, U10 to U21 will conduct its grand finals in two weeks and the Senior competition Div 9 to Premier will hold their Grand Finals the following week.

So for U21A for example, Veupunama who have had a phenomenal season not dropping a single game for the entire year managed to keep that record intact beating a very spirited PCP lightning on court 4, holding on to the slimmest margin at the end to book a seat courtside in two weeks time. PCP Lightning will now have to play the Sparrows U21 side who beat Raukele by just two.

Two of perhaps the best premier division games all season were played today as Telstars edged the Sparrows in an incredibly even contest taking the game with any real certainty in the dying stages of the contest and still at a million miles an hour. Both teams kept the hammer to the floor for the entire four quarters. Though the ladies in red led at the whistle for the four quarters, they were never really out of the woods especially with the Sparrows young U21 shooter Meme Leka hot to trot today, potting from all over the half circle and mind you this is against pretty intimidating defenders like Julie Anne Diro, Ravu Vao and Raka Nope. But the blistering Telstar attack, efficient, enterprising and lethal every time it explored the Sparrows defence was what held the key to today’s epic hit out and if they keep this level of consistency, the premiership certainly is attainable. Telstars confident in their 49 – 45 win today


Since Vitu Diro has returned as head coach, the Ladies in red seem to have a better focus on the prize and have become win hungry again. Mrs Diro has moulded a much younger side assembled over the last two or three years under the stewardship of Toka Aua to now be more than a credible claimant for the POMNA premiership in 2019, which incidentally for Veitu, it will be number 40 for the club since its inception in the 60’s.

In their way will either be the Sparrows who now have to regroup and focus on their clash with the Mermaids next week, or the Mermaids who today dispatched a strong effort by the CPL Rebels by 61 – 44.


The score does not really do justice to the game between the Maids and the Rebels as the Rebels were competitive throughout the contest and certainly not throwing in the towel at any stage of the game. They were let down a little by not capitalising on rebounds at both ends of the court and unfortunately turnovers in play became costly in the end especially where the Maids mercilessly drove the wedge home with greater proficiency near the hoop.

Standouts again for the Maids were Rayleen Andrew and Japeth Tulapi with Rayleens accuracy close to 80%. Japeth was only able to hole 11 from 22 today but the number of attempts alone suggest they had a higher share of possession. The Maids are also rebuilding with a very young profile on roster this year and it was good to see young Alex Ligo subbing in in the third and fourth quarters and hitting a respectable 11 from 15 attempts.

As expected both Premier Division games were played at a whirlwind pace with the volley traffic often going back and forth as possession changed hands, keeping spectators well entertained with the athleticism of the players.

After today’s games Telstars have earned first passage to sit on the right hand bench at the Grand Final. The Sparrows now have to playoff against the Mermaids for the right to play Telstars in three weeks. The Rebels unfortunately have to now regroup and look at reconvening next year for the 2020 POMNA competition .

The pattern is similar for all divisions of the competition that held games today.

Congratulations to all the teams that won today and now strategise for their Grand Final appearances while we bid farewell to the loosing minor semi finalists and wish those playing next week, ….. all the best.


Maria Folau (Tutaia) One of New Zealands lethal strike weapons

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A quick look at the Maria Tutaia story, now Mrs Maria Folau.

Certainly a competitor.  Simple but extrvagant, humble but oozing confidence.

A household name in New Zealand and indeed for the global netball fraternity as one of the Silver Fern's most lethal strike weapons she is quite a spectacle to watch on court and a shining example for those wanting to be inside the circle.

Enjoy the video link

POMNA Updates - 27th July 2019

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POMNA's main comp today was a bit of a hot affair with the mercury in the thermometers high enough to turn the outside courts into a frying pan.


But as the saying goes "wok i mas go yet" so we grind on as the finals fast approach.


One interesting game on the outdoor courts today was the Division 2 game between Telstars and . It may have been providence for Emily Maha as not only did the ladies in red win by just one goal, one of her passes, a blind "alley oop" over the top of her head, actually made it to the goal shooter in the circle who then netted the goal. Some of the crazy things that can happen in netball that you just have to be there to see.


The premier division games all went as scheduled and as you'd expect there was always going to be some drama or things don't quite work out the way it was planned.


First cab off the rank, Telstars and Veupunama went as much to script as to the outcome, but the ladies in red certainly had to work up a sweat on this occasion. It was the tenacity and dexterity of senior defenders like Juliie- Anne Diro and Raka Nope who's experience stood out today showing that their days on the court are still assured. Their speedy midcourt were matched by Veupu's strong midcourt defensive line but the Testars structure in attack certainly appeared superior as the quarters progressed and certainly the endurance and fitness aspect started to show in the Veupu game. Veupu are starting to look threatening no doubting that and the established five, Telstars, Mermaids, Sparrows, Rebels and Paramana must start to acknowledge both Veupunama and Aroma Coast given the right circumstances, do have the potential to rock the boat and today's decent scoreline is testament to that.


Telstars however were too good today and despite the efforts of the Gulo Vui twins in the circle, we jest, as the family pair of mother and daughter Tania and Talima did really well up front. It was the four big guns up front for the Telstars that made the difference. High accuracy percentage and a strong feeding line from the spritely Miss Kila and Alex that in attack made it a difficult day at the office for the Veupu girls.


Final Score Telstars 54 - Veupunama 36





In the two other games today Snax Mermaids appeared to be trying out combinations in the absence of coach Salote Doko as stewards Susan Kalo Aisi and senior players tested out player combinations against Aroma Coast.


The scores reflected this and a certainly tenacious Aroma Coast team beaming with raw talent and only missing the experience of a star studded Mermaids outfit and certainly the high performance training element. Aroma Coast now under the coaching of veteran Anne Iamo have started to look the part, able to stay the course for a lot longer, and be less spontaneous.


Todays effort required a watchful bench to ensure senior players were on court at the appropriate time to avoid a loss.


Final scores Snax Mermaids 44 - Aroma Coast 39





And in the last Premier Division game, A dash for the line, strong defence, a bit of luck with a tired Rebels side and accuracy at the hoop when it mattered, saw the game snatched by one goal from the CPL Rebels at the last minute by CC Sparrows, after they had led the game for the entire 4 quarters. At three quarter time the score had the Rebels up by 3, 35 - 32 and the acid was now on the Sparrows to get their combinations working.


The Rebels only had seven on the bench to start the game and so like Paramana the week before, they were all going to play for the full hour, unless Emily Taule and Oti Sarufa were daring enough to don a dress and take the court if God forbid, an injury occurred. But the seven were tenacious and unrelenting and very, very competitive so much so that the full bench of the Sparrows were not able to overhaul these screaming blue buttons as they set about making their mark.


The mistake the Rebels made in the final quarter was to attempt to attack the Sparrows circle by lobbing over Kilala Owen, to their shooters. Kilala's famed elevation capabilities meant this was always going to be easy pickings if you telegraphed the pass. It was an error in judgement that cost them possession four times in the final quarter and playing at this level, that kind of possession when they yield points on the return can be difficult to contain. With the momentum swung and frantic scramble for possession, it was anyone's guess who was leading and the importance of possession was suddenly critical to either side winning.


Then disaster when a moment of confusion by the Rebels attack, which if converted would have meant a draw at the worst, resulted in a turnover to the Sparrows who then pressed home the attack and winning by just one.


The state of desperation was clearly on both benches as Sparrows coach, Julienne Maliaki, exclaimed, "I didn't know who had won, but I'm glad we pulled that one off"


Final Score A close true encounter,


CC Sparrows 44 - CPL Rebels 43





Paramana were on bye today


With the finals fast approaching the games will no doubt be more competitive. An opportunity to watch some spectacular netball.


Premier Division games start at about 11 am and the final game is at about 4pm.



World Cup 2019 News - Liverpool, England

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Looking back at the highlights reels for the World Cup this year have been quite amazing but among them was this pearler. 

England was one of the teams we had hoped would make it to the big one but lost at the very last hurdle to the formidable Silver Ferns in the major semi final.  They had class, talent, poise a lot of netball and a bit of the sassy as well. 

Click on the link below and enjoy the 4 minute highlights reel.

This is too good to miss.  New Zealand v England Liverpool Vitality World Cup, 2019.

Casey Kopua - Rebuilding that knee -

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Pushing it to the limits ..... But finally it has been worth it.

The amazing story for Silver Ferns veteran defender Casey Kopua

Click the link below for the short video story

Rugby and Netball........

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Interesting perspectives for sport as the All Blacks and SilverFerns share high performance experiences.

Click on the link for this interesting video.

Fitness a Crucial Component for the Silver Ferns in 2019

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So here's a peek at some of the focuses for New Zealand this year. If you think our coaches are lunatic about fitness, take a look at this video.