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 As the site develops, we will be provided material and links for you to improve your netballing skills.

The resources will include our own material, resourced material and/or tried and tested links for our users to use to develop their skills.


For those new to the sport and wanting to understand the sport, there is a brilliant Q&A site that has a concise description of the game, the court dimensions and positions of players, a basic description of what is expected of each position and the basic rules of the game. - Netball Material.

The Netball Court, Positions and Rules

A short description of the game, the positions of players and a summary of the rules for those wanting a basic understading to the game.

Summary of Netball for Beginners.


Netball Basic Training Videos - YouTube

YouTube has a number of downloadable training videos on the web for netballers to utilize. 

Below is a sample;


Coaches can download these and use them to enhance training drills and the skills of their charges.

Click on the link below to take you to the YouTube address from which you can select the video you require for your purpose.

YouTube Netball training material



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